Saturday, August 17, 2019

Montague Bookmill

The Montague Bookmill is such a cool place.  I had been there once, years ago.  Now, it's just a few miles down the road from us.  I see lots more visits in my future.

You can enter on the second floor via covered walkway from the road above or the main doors down below. 

The selection of books is terrific.  Honestly, I am more charmed by the building.  I loved the massive windows.  The bottoms were barred - it would be easy to topple out of one since they extend nearly floor to ceiling.  I like the old wood floors, large ironwork vents, the amount of daylight that streams in.

Shelves and tables filled with books are everywhere.  Beat up chairs lurk in various corners.

The place is very higgledy piggledy.  From the second floor it was two (very steep) steps up to another room filled with books... and just to the left of that was a narrow zig-zagged passage to the stairs to the first floor.

More massive windows.  Love them.  They're bigger than the door.  You can see the walkway to the second floor at the upper right of that photo.

There's a couple of buildings in the complex that house two restaurants, an art gallery and a music store.  The art gallery was closed when we got there.  Lots of nice things when I peeked through the windows.  I need to return when they're open.

We had dinner in the cafe (or I should say outside the cafe).  This was our view from our table overlooking the Saw Mill River.  I had a bread board with apple, cheddar cheese and kielbasa. The sandwiches looked great, too.  It was a pleasant way to start the evening.


  1. How lucky are you to live just a few miles away from the Bookmill! A gazillion of books, a beautiful building, a waterfall and enjoying food from the cafes as you leaf through a book or two.....sounds rather like heaven to me. Alas, I would never leave. So pea green with envy right now. =)

  2. sweet! Wish I could see it too!

  3. What a beatiful bookmill and such a beautiful area you live in! It's been lovely reading this post!

  4. "Books you don't need at a place you can't find"...I wondered if you already knew about the Book Mill! ;)


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