Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Switch Case Insides

As smoothly as Saturday went with the Switch case, Sunday did not.  It fought me.  Hard.

The day started out well.  I attached the flap to the lid.  Looks good!  Then hand bound the inside seam.

Also - check out the inside of the front pouch.  That came out quite nice.

Cut the foam for sides and bottom, then cut foam for the dividers.  Had to scavenge a bit from the camcorder case, as I didn't have quite enough to go around.

And that's the last of the in-progress photos as the whole shebang ran off the rails.  I'm taking notes this time of what not to do.  The foam is a half inch thick, so I cut the inside fabric smaller than the outsides.  That's fine as far as the inside dimensions, but WILL NOT stitch to the outside dimensions without problems.  Duh.

The inside dividers played somewhat nice.  I made sleeves that were about a half-inch wider than the foam.  This allowed finished edges that could be sewn to the bag's lining.  That wasn't too much of a struggle - needed only a couple of places ripped and re-stitched.  Once the sleeves were sewn and attached to each other and the lining, I then slipped in the foam and whip-stitched the bottoms shut.  They took far more fabric than I anticipated.  I'm glad I bought a yard of the interior fabric because there's only a few scraps left.

Sewing the lining to the outside was a nightmare.  Pieces kept shifting (so the stitching didn't catch the lining) and parts of the bag kept getting hung up on the sewing machine.  At one point I asked Rob to come in and hold the case out of the way of the thread take-up lever and the tension control while I wrestled with actually stitching the seam.

Rob, of course, after seeing my struggle came up with a terrific alternate way to assemble the insides.  Would have been easier to put together and it would have held its shape better, too.  I seriously considered ripping apart the entire insides and reworking it.  In the end I was so close to done, I went with what I had.

Tomorrow - the finished result.


  1. Gosh, who would've though a Switch case would be so involved. I hope you have taken notes when you make another......or will there be another one. =) I think you are very clever to work this 'beast' out.

  2. I am so impressed by all the designing and figuring out and putting together of many elements! And it looks fantastic!


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