Thursday, April 2, 2020

I Like Thursday: Friends, Flowers, Food

It's strange that as the word slows down I seem to be busier than ever.  How can that be?

One of my neighbors has an eclectic mix of decorations in the front yard.  The wire mannequin was sporting a new blue dress and tie.  I laughed when I realized the tie is covered with the characters from Green Eggs and Ham

We have crocuses blooming in our yard.  A bunch of light purple ones... and another patch of dark purple.

A friend of mine took this picture of a skunk cabbage.  Can't you almost feel it growing?  I love the color and the texture.

Made another batch of the caramel chocolate pretzels.  They were a MESS.  The caramel was the consistency of fudge; the chocolate refused to drizzle, and glopped on top.  They crumbled apart when I tried to cut them.

Still delicious.  I lost my cool making them, which made Rob lose his mind.  (Sorry.)  But they all disappeared in a couple of days.  So not all bad.

Curious pigs are curious.  We've started to call Pumpkin Spice The Punk since it seems to go better with Bugsy.  I'll bet you they were named by two different kids.  LOL.

After several days of really getting in each other's face, they've calmed down.  I shot more video that I need to edit before I post it.  They've been fun.  Did you see them doing zoomies?  If not, check it out.

Their box of hay arrived on Monday from Small Pet Select.  Just in time!  Hay was running low (which I think was adding to the attitude problems).  And this cute little card came with it.  Made me smile.

Speaking of amazing - I got to try out Zoom with several of the I Like Thursday bloggers.  Was a lot of fun!  Now I'm trying to get my mother set up so she can meet with me and my sister.  I think she'd like that a lot.

I'll have to catch you up on sewing projects next week.  Hope you're staying healthy and not going stir crazy being isolated.  There's little pockets of good stuff over at Not Afraid of Color's I Like Thursday.


  1. caramel the consistency of fudge sounds really good to me!

  2. Hi Sally! Bugsy and the Punk look so cute together. I'll have to go read more about their arrival and check out the video. Stay safe. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Hi, Sally, thanks for the Thursday fun. My black kitty enjoyed watching your critters scampering in the video. I took a video of kitty watching and posted it to my post with a link to your blog post. I like the photo of your neighbor's yard decoration. The pretzels look yummy to me ... :) Pat

  4. Fun likes. Zoomies are always so fun to watch, whether gp, the pigs around here, or Bobbin and the kittens. Great yard decoration, and your pretzels look yummy. My mom was lamenting that my sister made rice krispie treats, and she doesn't like them LOL I told her well that is good you are supposed to be losing weight anyway.

  5. the punk is a cool name! I'd keep that card out to make me feel better. OMG the caramel pretzels sound great, fudge/caramel, what ever

  6. Sally - it's not hard right now to lose our cool - I guess if it's going to happen, better over some chocolate pretzels than something else. You know I am partial to your guinea pigs, so thanks for more pictures of them! Stay well!

  7. Hi Sally, I enjoyed that video of the guinea pigs. They have quite a nice little play area there, penthouse suite for pigs, and seemed to be enjoying every inch of it. I too found the curve of the skunk cabbage beautiful but also how nice to see colour in your garden. It will be a couple of weeks yet for us but at least all the snow is gone.

  8. Fun video! Hey we are all losing our cool these days so relax. You take care of you and stay safe!


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