Sunday, April 19, 2020

Carry Case Front and Sides

I'm making my nephew a carry case for his Switch.  I had nailed down the dimensions and picked fabric just before isolating (over a month ago?!).  Then I discovered I didn't have nearly enough fabric.  Researched the fabric pattern and bought more fabric online (because how else could I buy it?).  Just as it arrived, I got sidetracked by making masks.  My sister has been asking weekly how progress has been going, and it has been embarrassing to report nowhere.

But look! Progress!

Thank goodness I had cut pattern pieces and made notes.  I wish those notes were more detailed - it took hours to reconstruct my plans.  I checked my math and my measurements and wrote up a new detailed set of instructions.

I'm starting with the outside of the bag and working my way in.  My sister had given me a camcorder case to use as an idea and to cannibalize for hardware.  I went for easy bit first - the strap around the bottom and the sides that end in two hooks for the shoulder strap.  I sewed them to the side fabric and batting, to give it some extra oomph.

I had pulled the front pouch from the camcorder bag intending to sew it right to my bag.  But the black and blue stood out from the blue and red, so I decided to recreate the pouch.  Well, that upped the complexity of this project!

I spent Friday evening carefully pulling apart the pouch, tracing the pieces, then cutting and sewing them together (including this tiny binding on the inside).  I'm quite pleased with the results.  There's a little wonkiness compared to the original.  But I love the colors.  Next step is to sew it to the front.  Not quite sure how I'll do that!

Sides are set.  Front is nearly done.  I have the top cut, the handle reconstructed (I replaced the black strap with blue) and some ideas of the assembly order.  Plan is to have the outside sewn together this weekend.


  1. Wow.....your nephew's carry case is looking fabulous. You are so very clever, Sally to make it up as you go along.

  2. What a project! I don't think I would undertake such a bag. I admire your creativity and resourcefulness. Love the colors!


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