Monday, November 8, 2021

Half-Kites in Transition

I've been working on the first baby quilt.  First phase was simply cutting pieces and spreading them out.  Then I wanted to work in more navy blue than just the center squares, so I put a navy pinwheel and a navy square.  I liked the pinwheel better than the reverse square, so I added a few more navy pinwheels, and it became a zig-zag stripe.

That the stripe of navy pinwheels linked together in some spots, so I created a heavier stripe in the loser corner.  I wanted to balance the quilt with navy squares at the top, decided that didn't look right, and morphed it into another stripe.  The last bit of changes was to use light shades for the pinwheels and darker for the squares (except in the corners, where I reversed it).  

I want something bright and cheery - but it's a little too noisy for me.  As much as I love scrappy quilts, I need some order somewhere.  This will go through some more transitions before it's ready to assemble. 

Hmm... I may try darker pinwheels and all lighter squares and see how that looks.  Or group similar colors together so they move across the quilt?  I also think the whole thing would look interesting with all the pinwheels a single color - it would end up being a bunch of floating wonky squares (but that wasn't the effect I was going for in this quilt).

The whole thing needs to come off the floor and up to my design wall.  Ugh - that's 270 pieces I need to move.  I won't get to ponder the quilt every time I watch TV, but it will be easier to move pieces around on the wall.

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  1. I enjoy reading and following your design process, Sally! I think you'll know it when you see it!

  2. I don't envy you moving those 270 pieces onto your design wall. This is going to be a fabulous quilt. All those pieces will speak to you....I just know it.

  3. This is gorgeous for a baby quilt! It is a lot of moving onto the design wall, but it will be totally worth it. Nice color placements!


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