Friday, November 5, 2021

Scarlet in Fall Colors

Scarlet is our latest foster guinea pig from Dakin.  Isn't she a cutie?  Such soft fur.  She's still a little bony, but curious and seems quite happy.  She hides sometimes, but every day I see her in a different part of the cage.  Scarlet gets very wheeky when we're in the kitchen.

She eats her hay like it's going out of style.  Still cautious with veggies - loves lettuce and radish leaves.  Carrots now pass approval, along with parsley.  Not so sure about bell pepper yet.  The blackberry was a hit - but I'm not willing to share more of them!

I tried bribing Scarlet with some parsley for the photo shoot, but she wasn't interested.  She sat still, so she was easy to photograph.  Bad pigs are tough to wrangle but are good for a laugh and produce better outtakes. 

That nose was curious.  What's going on over there?  And will you feed me?  There should be treats for being picked up and photographed!


  1. she might be overly hungry from not having enough? the fall colors are so pretty around her, good photos! Milo is V.E.R.Y. cautious with new food and doesn't trust it even if it came off our plates

  2. So, so adorable! When we were walking the other day, we saw a couple trying to get their dog to sit still for a photo - not much luck. Later, they were throwing leaves in the air and the dog jumped to bite at them. I am sure those action shots were spectacular, and much more representative of the dog's personality!

  3. Scarlet is gorgeous and what a pretty name. I very much enjoy reading about these adorable little creatures and your kindness with them.

  4. Scarlet is a pretty girl! I love that look she's giving you in your last photo!


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