Thursday, November 18, 2021

I Like Thursday: Cooking and Quilting

Missed last week's I Like Thursday - nothing to show and tell.  Been busy, though.  Let's see.  I baked a lot - tried three new recipes.  First recipe was for lemon poppy seed bars which were delicious.  I was told this recipe is a keeper.  I used a pair of lemons I picked from my parent's lemon tree.  I'm amazed it produces lemons - the tree is only a few feet tall in huge pot on their back deck.  How cool is that?

I tried out a butternut squash couscous salad recipe.  It was good, but I don't know if I'll make it again.  

On Sunday I made these cranberry scones for breakfast.  Yum!

Working on quilts.  I'm piecing together the backing for Icy Colors, which is an odd mix of yardage and leftover pieces.  I'm also working on the layout for the squares and pinwheels quilt.  

Did you see the photos of this wild chase?  I'd say everyone got their exercise for the day!  It must have been both frustrating and entertaining.

Our little piggy, Scarlet, continues to be cute except when we set up the camera.  It's been utterly frustrating to capture her goofiness. 

I do like that I have finally, after weeks of postponement, run two of the three upgrades I need to do at work.  These have been hanging over my head like the Sword of Damocles.  I am utterly grateful to only have one left (it should be the easiest of the three, but has the most riding on it...<sigh>).

I also finally saw my new podiatrist after months of waiting.  I tried one in Greenfield and I found her shockingly disappointing.  But this new one has treated me with the interest and enthusiasm I was hoping for.  I'm hopeful he'll fix the pain I've been having.

I just finished The 7½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle.  It had been recommended by one of the I Like Thursday group (sorry - I don't recall who!).  Very enjoyable read.  Thanks for recommending it!

Maybe more pictures next week?  I'm sure there's pretty stuff over at Not Afraid of Color's I Like Thursday.  Enjoy!


  1. I'll look for that book in my library. I haven't read a good book in the past couple of weeks...just so so books! lol Enjoy your week!

  2. Those scones look so good! I actually have fresh cranberries in the fridge. Scones and cranberries...two things I love.
    Yes to having progress on your work...I used to hate when things hung over my head like that. Also important is having feet in good working order and finding a podiatrist who is helpful. Good luck with that.

  3. I like lemon anything! I’m sure the fresh lemons added to the yumminess! I wouldn’t have any cranberry scones left for a photo! Scrumptious!
    I haven’t decided about couscous yet! DH won’t even entertain the idea of it, so I haven’t used it often! I think in a Buddha Bowl it would be awesome! Thanks for all the links. Hope your work project goes off without a hitch!

  4. Oh I just bought a bag of fresh cranberries and was wanting to make cranberry shortbread cookies, and cranberry orange scones. How fortuitous that you shared a recipe. :D Yep have experienced a pig chase a few times around here. Glad you found a doc you are comfortable with. I hate doing updates, I especially hated them when I worked....half the night only to find a bug and have to back it out. Sigh. Don't miss those days. Great likes.

  5. Your scones look delicious! I hate finding new doctors. It's not easy to find someone you're comfortable with. I read that book but I'm not sure if I recommended it. I thought it was a great book but had a hard time trying to figure who was who. Did you enjoy it?? I heard they're making a movie out of it.

  6. Oh yum on the lemon poppyseed bars! It's always a good feeling to be making progress on things like backings on quilts and stuff for work, too. Glad you found a podiatrist you like better!

  7. Sally - hmmm. Cranberry scones - seems perfect for the morning of US Thanksgiving! Enjoy your weekend!

  8. It's always fun to try out new recipes! Yours looks delicious! Happy quilting this week!!!


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