Saturday, November 27, 2021

Shrinking Blocks

Hard to say if I'll meet my OMG because I keep switching between quilts.  I finished the other quilt backing, so I hope to be sandwiching that in the evenings.  I'm still fiddling around with the navy blue blocks on the baby quilt.  I've taken the plunge and started sewing together the middle blocks.

I had purposely cut the half kites on the large side, which allowed me to ensure the final kites had the color split right down the middle.  The pile of scrap is so pretty - makes me want to do something with that!

Wow, the blocks have shrunk.  They'll shrink even more once I sew the kites together with the center square.  The smaller size looks so neat and clean.  (And found yet another fun layout... I really need to stop doing that and focus finishing this!)

I think I need to take the plunge and sew together the other colored blocks.  Then I can do a final adjustment on the block centers and the navy line(s) and sew it all together.  The back should be interesting as I have a lot of colors that I cut that didn't work out in the front. 

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  1. its amazing isn't it when you start taking up seam allowances. I've had that happen and a design with size and presence is reduced to much smaller scope. Keep going, it's about the placement and color, the movement, add more at the end if it's just too small for your eye but keep going... looking very interesting Sally

  2. I love how those blocks give the impression of spinning! Are they sewn with a partial seam at beginning and end? Like LeeAnna said - keep going!

  3. Loving this piece and the movement it relays! Can't wait to see how it progresses! Have a great day!

  4. Beautiful quilt at any stage.
    Reading how you go about figuring the patterns, makes quilting feel less intimidating to me.

  5. Every time I see your playing with this quilt, I think fun, fun, fun. So colourful and so happy!


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