Thursday, June 23, 2022

I Like Thursday: Chaos

Busy, crazy week - some anxiety, lots of running around, not enough time.  But lots of likes!  Let's see if I have enough time to tell you about them!  

Last week we got word that our kitchen remodel would start this week.  Great!  Except that I had just handed off all our good boxes and packing paper to my sister for a move on Saturday.  So now she was doubly excited that I was helping to unpack on Sunday, because I would take boxes and paper with me!

But first - Saturday I met up with a friend for a hike and some kayaking around Tully Lake.  It was a cloudy, cool, windy day, which was great for hiking.  Not the best for kayaking, but we managed to find a sheltered area to give it a go.  

We met only a few people on the trails - we had most of the four mile loop to ourselves.  Most of the walk was in the woods; the trail popped out at various points for some great views across the lake.  Came across his big rock that looked blue.  I thought it was spray painted at first, but it turned out to be turquoise moss all over it.  Very cool.  

My kayaks were difficult to set up - I was working with some new pieces that misbehaved.  Added bonus:  I had quite the audience watching me set up.  Lots of interest and I was peppered with questions about the kayaks.  One of the spectators was kind enough to suggest where to paddle, which was mostly out of the wind.  So after all that work, we had a nice time on the water.  I will certainly come back.  

Rob sent me a link that the Trustees do a moonlight kayak trip in July.  That could be a lot of fun, too!

Sunday morning I headed to my sister's new place to help unpack.  I was excited to see the new place.  It was satisfying to watch the pile of flattened, empty boxes grow and the place shape up.  I was glad to help out.

Then armed with a pile of boxes and paper, I packed up most of our kitchen by Monday morning.

The baby bunnies are starting to appear in the yard.  They're so cute!  These guys are still really skittish and haven't gotten used to the squeals of the crazy lady that lives here.  Look!  Buns!!!

They'll adjust.

Tuesday morning started off with a bang - the new cabinets arrived just before 9am.  We now have the microwave and fridge in our living room.  My ironing station has been moved into my office.  Kitchen stuff is on beds and under tables in just about every room including the mud room.  

This is where it's at after a day and a half:   first new cabinet is installed, bumped out wall is framed, the new exhaust vent is in (after much consternation).  The guys have been great and have so far been able to leave appliances hooked up and running as they are working on the changes.  We'll see what today brings!

I had posted on nextdoor for suggestions what to do with the old cabinets.  I am floored by the number of people interested in some or all of the cabinets.  I had no idea they would be in such demand!  Every day I get at least three more inquires.  It's good to know they'll be put to good use.


I attempted writing up instructions on how to make my half-kite wonky squares.  It makes me appreciate online tutorials I've read - it's hard work!

Rob emailed this to me with the subject of I think I might be living with the female Gomez! 

LOL.  Well, all except for the mustache growing.  The rest of it is worth aspiring to.  

Good stuff!  Looking forward to seeing my mother this weekend.  Blueberries are starting to blue (and maybe I'll get to actually eat some of them this year).  Garden is growing like gangbusters (including the weeds).  I have blossoms on my tomatoes!  And did you know that eggplant flowers are purple?  I never knew.  Oh!  Oh!  And a dance on Friday.  Can it be!?!?

Those are my likes!  I hope you all had a lovely week, too.  Thanks to LeeAnna for hosting these I Like Thursday posts.  Always a bright point of my week.  Enjoy!




  1. great likes even a kitchen remodel is going well. I LOVED the gomez rules... I was thinking you could sub in leg hair for the mustache growing, but then I'm lazy about shaving

  2. So many awesome things going on in your world. Kitchen remodel, kayaking, hiking, and buns.

  3. You've had a busy week! Hooray for a kitchen remodel! It's great that you could find people who want the old cabinets, too. Looks like a great place for a hike. We love seeing the baby buns in our yard! I try to tell them that I'm a nice person and they don't have to worry about me, but they never listen... 😘

  4. Sally - love, love, love the Life Lessons! I can think of several people I would like to send them to for a laugh!!! I also have buns in my yard, but I am not very pleased about it ... Our local Habitat for Humanity is always thrilled to get cabinets or any kind of home supplies - we recently gave them a bunch of flooring tile and they were over the moon. Good luck with the rest of your re-model!

  5. Gomez Rules made me smile. How nice, a moonlight kayak adventure. A new kitchen; how fabulous.

  6. Wow what a busy week for you but so enjoyable in many different ways. Yay to kayaking...a moonlit one would be so interesting I think. Being with your sister helping-great photo- and then seeing such progress on your remodel. It all will be so worth it in the end. I've tried writing tutorials and did not like it...definitely increased my appreciation for those who do that. Loved that list. Way to go, you two!

  7. I'm sure you're going to love your new kitchen. It sounds like your work people are very helpful by leaving your appliances plugged in. So cute to see the baby bunnies! Your kayaking adventures always sound like great fun!

  8. You are going to love your new kitchen! The inconvenience of the remodel will more than pay for that part. Your hike looks so beautiful. I had to look up where Tully Park was. I think I would like to visit. Glad you had a good kayak experience too!

  9. May the force be strong in remodels always take longer than you think and there's always so much work involved. Hope your project stays on schedule. I'm sure it would be lovely when completed. We did ours so long ago, it's time to do it again; but...I'm not sure I'm for it. You and your sister look alike. Sounds like you had a good day on the water. I'm not one who thinks bunnies are cute, they turn into large rabbits and have more bunnies and pretty soon you have no flowers left in your yard. We've tried our best to discourage the large number of them we have. I chase them off every chance I get, I've sprayed the plants they eat; but for the 3rd year in a row they've destroyed my favorite pink lilies. The patch of them has multiplied to about 20, and they destroyed all but 3, and those they've nibbled so badly the blooms aren't very pretty. I've used 2 different sprays, both of which are suppose to keep them from eating the plant....doesn't work. Truly frustrating.
    Sandy's Space

  10. Having your kitchen done will be so nice! And I've enjoyed reading about your adventures! We are stuck inside right now because of the heat! Enjoy your week!


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