Thursday, June 30, 2022

I Like Thursday: Stress and Progress

When I told Rob I needed to sit down to write my I Like Thursday post, he asked what I had to like about this week.  Admittedly, it's been a long, exhausting and stressful week.  Every single day some minor crisis or decision came up with the kitchen.  The workers are great and the noise level was reasonable, but it was hard to concentrate on my high-priority project due next week.  We took in a very ill foster guinea pig that didn't make it.  We're both pretty frazzled around the edges.  Goodness, just writing this down makes me tired.  


I have over a half-dozen photos documenting the good things that made me smile this week.  Let's take a gander at them, shall we?

Rob clearly is not impressed with taking selfies, but look! We're dressed for a contra dance!  This was the first contra we've been to since March 2020.  The masks make it warm and I need to figure out how to keep hydrated during the dance in a way that makes me comfortable, but it was lovely to see happy people and get out and move.


During the break a couple of dancers took the opportunity to practice juggling with fire out in the parking lot.  Not much of a photo - it was cool to watch them!

I stayed for a dance or two after the break.  I think we'll pick and choose which dances we attend based on weather and such.  It was nice to be able to kick up our heels, even if it's just once in a while.

I was amused by this sign when I picked up our foster.  The equivalent of This page intentionally left blank


By Monday afternoon I was toast.  The weekend had been jam packed including a chunk of time getting my dad's smartphone to work.  It was a godsend when my sister agreed to meet me for kayaking.  We had paddled about halfway around the pond when she starts laughing - I had several dragon flies all perched on my hat.  I tried to get a photo - she said most flew off when I raised my hands.  There's one my front right, and a row of them across the top.  When I looked across at my sister, she had what looked like a dragonfly mohawk - all in a row across the top of her hat.  Ha!

I also really liked the pink flowers that grew in a patch at a shallow point in the pond.  

Colorful patches!  I have flowers blooming all over the yard.  They look better in person than in this photo.  We could really use some more rain, and supposedly we're better off here than the eastern part of the state. 



The kitchen - I added to the stress with that all on my own:  I managed to space out the fact that there was wet mud on the wall and put my thumb right through the wet patch.  I felt terrible that I had marred the beautiful mudding job.  Rob wanted to document my blunder.  This is me saying I was NOT getting any closer to the wall than that - I had already done enough damage!

As of last night we have the cabinets in place.  Well, all except a missing wine rack.  But we should have the counter top guys in soon.  Bit by bit. 





No sewing this week.  <sigh>  But get a load of this Singer-mobile Rob found.  How fun is that!?! 

Oh, and this just came in as I was finishing my post:  baby with Bouncing Boxes.  This definitely made my day.

Back to my to-do list:  overdue correspondence and online research.  I'm taking Thursday afternoon off simply to catch my breath (and get a chance to read the other posts with LeeAnna's I Like Thursday).


  1. You two look fabulous! Glad y'all got out dancing. Dragonfly hats is funny. Wishing you a relaxing week-end

  2. How wonderful you are both kicking up your heels again enjoying some dancing. It does sound as if you had a full-on week. The sweetest photo of the little one on the quilt.

  3. Tell Rob it was a treat to see him! Heard so much about him! You both look awesome and to think you are dancing again. You did quite well in finding lots to like after the stress of renovating and the little one passing. I like dragonflies...this year there were fewer than usual here.Of course the best is the last...a joyful baby on lovely quilt.

  4. Living without a kitchen? Sounds familiar. For a year we had a refrigerator, microwave, and hotplate on the back porch, and we washed our dishes in the laundry sink down cellar. I'm happy we're no longer camping in our house. BTW, the secret to photos of gardens is close up! We can pretend the little flowers filling the screen represent the whole garden. See you again soon on the dance floor.

  5. I thought the contras were cancelled after that... good to know someone is still brave enough to go. I miss it so much. You are a hero of keeping record of the good things that still happen. I'm devastated at the state of the union and women's diminishing rights... and it permeates all my day. Then the other annoyances, heat and power outages, fireworks, stupid neighbors in colorado who have fire pits with our winds and dry conditions. I still found a few things to like, and thank God really... just seeing them on the post reminded me they happened. whew, no going insane just yet...
    I am so sorry for the sick piggie... how sad for you who takes such good care of them

  6. A sweet happy baby is the cutest photo of all! But how about the Singer...that is awesome!

  7. Your kitchen is looking wonderful! It will get there, little by little. Glad you got to dance, and kayak, and see dragonflies - all good!

  8. For all that you started off your post writing about stress, it seems you found plenty of "likes" from the week. I think that is one of the many blessings of LeeAnna's linky party - when we sit down to really think about it, there are more positives than we think! I loved the part about you and your sister with the dragonfly hats. Kayaking is such a stress reducer!!! Enjoy your weekend!

  9. Oh what a busy week you had, and I am sure with all going on very overwhelming. How nice you had an opportunity to go to a contra dance though, and do some Kayaking. LOL the dragonflies.

  10. You definitely had a busy week! Great picture of you and Rob! That's so sad about your sick foster. Your kitchen is really coming along! I'm sure you didn't wreck your new kitchen! I'm so glad you got to kayak with your sister. Looks like such fun!

  11. Whew...a very full week with progress so that's always good. And time for yourself and sister, what a bonus that is. Good luck with the kitchen project, hope things move along nicely.
    Sandy's Space


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