Sunday, June 5, 2022

June OMG: Continuing May OMG

I spent most of the month fighting with thread tension issues, which slowed this down quite a bit.  I didn't make my May goal of finishing the quilt.  However, over Memorial Day weekend, I worked out that my thread setup was contributing to the problem.  Addressing that stopped the thread from winding around my needle.  I still had some issues - I buried twelve sets of threads in one diamond alone (that's a lot of starts and stops).  But the rest of it quilted up a lot faster.

The diamonds are done, as are the green squares.  I've got the rest of the squares to go.  So my goal this month is the same as last:  get this quilted, bound and labeled.

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  1. Sounds like you are well on the way to achieving that goal, Sally! Cheering you on!

  2. Such pretty colours in this quilt. Here's to smooth sailing from here on.

  3. Fingers crossed you don't have any more thread issues. This is such a pretty quilt, it will be lovely!

  4. Such pretty colors, and your making progress even if slower than planned. Hopefully you've fixed the problem to make the completion easier. Best of luck.
    Sandy's Space


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