Thursday, June 9, 2022

I Like Thursday: Flowers, Sewing and Sanding

I'm in one of those DO ALL THE THINGS mood and simply don't have the time.  But it's nice to be jazzed about life right now.  This week I've managed to actually do some of the things - so that's a plus, too!

My sister gave me nasturtium seeds for Christmas and the first ones I planted are starting to bloom.  They're pretty!  The potted ones are doing best, but I have several in the garden that are thinking about budding. 

My marigold plants are tiny, but two already have flowers.  Zinnia seeds are sprouting all over.  They have a ways to go.

I've been wandering through the garden every day, which I really enjoy.  I've weeded out more volunteer tomatoes than I actual plants I planted this year.  Sheesh - next year I may just not bother planting any seeds indoors and see what sprouts outside!

The peonies have been blooming this week - they are so pretty.  The irises are staring to fade; they were wonderful while they lasted.

I actually finished quilting the last promised quilt!  This month's goal is to get it bound and shipped.  For the first time since February I could drag my sewing machine back to the side of the room where it belongs.  As soon as I did that, the whole sewing room blew up - scraps from four quilts and whatever I've been kicking under the table started spreading everywhere.  

It's a bit of a disaster area - there's a pile of batting strips that need to be frankensteined together, scraps to sort and put away, fleece and fabric that will turn into guinea pig tunnels.  I have two sweatshirts to embellish. 

Then there's this pretty fabric I bought hoping to make another dancing dress (not that any more dances have been scheduled).  I dug out a pattern I drafted, but it's not quite how I remember.  

Oh, and I forgot the stuff on the design wall.  When am I going to do all this!?! 




I did find time to refinish a side table.  I always get into a project before remembering to do a "before" photo.  The table came from my parents' house.  The finish was old and it had some minor water spotting having been stored in the basement.  I gave it a little sanding, some rub-on polyurethane and presto!

Looks like new.  The bottom shelf had started to sag a bit, so I flipped that around when I reassembled it.  It's a nice little addition to the sunroom.

We've had beautiful weather this week.  I managed to squeeze in a short paddle with Rob on Monday evening.    

What a week!  So many things to like.  Linking up with LeeAnna and friends for I Like Thursday over at Not Afraid of Color.  Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for sharing that. I have flower seeds (clematis) I need to start, and you give me hope of seeing them bloom this year! And quilting, and table finishing - and paddling!! It's obvious you have slurped up all of the energy this month, and I'm pleased to see you used it so well.

  2. How exciting to have bright, happy zinnias everywhere in a couple of months. Aren't nasturtiums sunshiny flowers? You have a lot of fabulous quilty-ness in the works. Love your design wall. There was a time when I visited, you were often fashioning a skirt of embellishing a top for a dance. How sad that you are unable to enjoy dances anymore.

  3. Great likes. All your plants are amazing. LOL exploding sewing room, yep I am still slaving away and taming my dining room table. I can actually see the table top in a few small spots. Awesome that you got some time for paddling.

  4. I love zinnias! I'll enjoy seeing yours bloom. Hooray for finishing the quilting on that last quilt, too! I always need to do a little cleanup around the sewing room after finishing some big projects, too.

  5. Sally - I am full of energy as well because lovely weather has finally arrived and I can spend the whole day in the garden. So much to do! Lovely blooms you have - we will soon have some color in in our garden as well!

  6. Good work on the table, and quilting.

  7. Great post. Don't you love when it is blooming season. I know I love it. Grandson Robbie came in my sewing room the other day and said, why is everything on the floor? I guess I take it for granted I have piles and scraps everywhere. I like to "see" things to remember them I guess. Anyway, a kayak together is the best of outings. You two have a good weekend!

  8. I love seeing all your flowers blooming! A messy sewing room means you've been very busy. I love that you repurposed that table. It looks brand new! Glad to see you're enjoying the kayak!

  9. I need some nastursiam seeds! You're high on life right now girl! It's so good...


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