Thursday, June 16, 2022

I Like Thursday: Finishes and Starts

Welcome to this week's likes.  As usual I'm joining up with LeeAnna at I Like Thursday.  

I have been loving the yard and the garden this week.  We've moved from purples to yellows, pinks and whites.  It's been pretty.

Sage is finishing flowering.  These plants looked so beat up from the winter, but they have just leafed and budded like crazy.  There was a huge bumble bee working on it his wings going so fast they didn't show up. 

We had our first bunny sighting last night! 



Lots of tickseed blooming this week.  The rhododendrons are flowering too.


Down the street is Duck World.  I'm not sure if they're a rescue or just love ducks.  We have to be careful whenever driving down the road for ducks, geese and chickens crossing (or simply hanging out in) the road.  I've seen this one white duck and mallard hanging out in their neighbor's yard - but not this far up the road.  This week I found them in our back yard.  Quite the surprise.  When I came out take photos they gave me these hopeful looks:  treats perchance?  What moochers!

Sunday morning this crew breezed by the end of our driveway.  Usually it's two horses, two people and a dog, but there's a third horse and a second dog hiding somewhere in there!  They all gain speed at this point - the horses know they're almost home and there's no stopping them!

Swanson's is becoming a dangerous place - they've been getting more and more quilting fabric.  I went down for tulle and instead came home with several yards of fabric.  Pretty colors!

Ooh - and did you see?  I finished Bouncing Boxes!  

One last fun thing - Rob chuckled at the gas mileage on his car last week.  It's mostly downhill to the center of town, as you can clearly see.  His car is efficient, but not that much!


  1. You certainly have a menagerie living on your street. Isn't it amazing how plants/flowers always grow and bloom wonderfully after a long winter. Your garden continues to smile in pretty flowers.

  2. Your quilt turned out gorgeous. I love it! Pretty flowers, and the other denizens of your street are fun. Pretty fabrics you found. LOL your comment in the previous post about finding peach, I have had the same thing trying to find the "right" gray.

  3. Congratulations on finishing the quilt! That always feels good!

  4. Bouncing Boxes is lovely and I especially liked how you used orphan blocks for the back. Unique is the best!
    You do get your share of interesting sights, critters, etc. where you are now. There is a horse boarding business just down the road from us and I enjoy seeing them out in the fields and in the winter, wearing their cloaks. Have a great weekend!

  5. There are always interesting sights to see in your neighborhood! Love the ducks especially. Do they like guinea pig treats?! Great fabric haul, too.

  6. Hi Sally! HAHAHA! Those two moochers hanging out in your yard. Treats?? For us??! And I adore the horse/people/dog parade with extras this week! I'd give those horses an apple and the puppies a treat as well, if allowed. Bouncing Blocks is just GORGEOUS. What pattern or block do you use? The secondary pattern created is so cool with the diamond going in alternating directions. Your fabric choice is so pretty! I enjoy making baby quilts, too. The perfect size, in my book. WOWEE! Seventy-one MPG. I'm happy with 44 with a/c on low speed and set to 75. I love playing the can-I-get-above-44 game! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. We have ducks & geese in our back pond too. I love watching them but we don't feed them. Definitely don't want them hanging out in our yard ... geese poop a LOT! Hahaha! Bouncing Boxes turned out so sweet! Have a great week!

  8. I just saw Bouncing Boxes. It's great! I really like it! You live in a very fun area! Love seeing the ducks and I love the fabric you bought!!

  9. I wouldn't be a happy camper with someone's ducks in my yard, they make such a mess. You mentioned your first bunny siting, wish I could give you mine. I see sometimes 4 at a time in our yard. I've done my best to encourage them to go elsewhere to no avail. They've eaten my favorite flowers now for the 3rd year. I chase them away, I spray the flowers with stuff that suppose to keep them at bay, but it's not working. I guess next year I'll have to put up chicken wire to see if that will work. Plus, every-time I start to mow the yard I have to clean up their poo. Really not happy with them. I'm not out in the country like it appears you are. My area is very residential. If you have ideas as to how to get rid of the bunnies I would love to know. Your flowers are beautiful. I'm between blooms at the moment. Everything is very green. The Iris are all done and this would be the period of my favorite pink lilies if it weren't for the rabbits. I see 3 starting to bloom, but the other 2.5 dozen have been eaten to the ground.

    Looks like you did really well at the fabric store! Will be fun to see what you make with all the pretty colors.

    Sandy's Space

  10. Sally - I can't tell you which picture made me grin more - the white duck and the mallard, or the group of horses!!! Adorable!

  11. I'd like to see that group walking past. I would also get some more fabric, can't resist


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