Thursday, June 2, 2022

I Like Thursday: Three Day Weekend

Three day weekend.  Woot!  And is it really June already??  How can that be?  Regardless, it's Thursday today - time to link up with LeeAnna's buddies to share the bright spots of the week at I Like Thursday

I met up with my sister on Sunday before it got too hot.  Leverett pond was hopping!  Some nice guy in a pickup kindly moved how he was parked, which gave just enough room for my sister and I to squeeze in.  Yay!  So we were able to park right near the launch instead of down and around the corner.

I love the water, the rocks, the trees.  So much green and blue and brown.  A bit of a breeze and lots of sun.  It was lovely.  We had a great time.

Saturday I drove east to see a couple of friends.  We managed to dodge the rain that was forecast.  Had a good walk, a delicious lunch, caught up with what's been going on, and watched a fluffy little white dog run laps in the yard.  It was a long trip, but totally worth it!  It was so good to see their faces and to hang out.  (Just a little bit of normal.)

Last Thursday I found a snake in our basement.  Quite a surprise.  There have been several desiccated salamanders down there this spring, and I had just swept the entire floor the week before.  So this guy stood out on an otherwise clean floor.  I was afraid it had died of thirst, too, but didn't want to touch it in case it was still alive.  I hate to admit I chickened out and fetched Rob.


Turns out he was very much alive and hard to pick up with gloves on.  We eventually got him outside.  It was a ring-necked snake, probably full size.  He has this little yellow band behind his head and a bright orange belly.  Turns out he eats salamanders... which is probably why he ended up in the basement.  That floor was cold and likely why he had been all curled up when I found him. 

The yard is all brilliant green and purple.  Well, maybe a little white.  Some pink once the peonies bloom.  It's lush.  And mostly weeded, finally.  Whew!  

I've planted all my seedlings.  Most of them are doing well - I lost a couple of tomatoes that weren't hardened enough.  However, I counted at least a half dozen volunteer tomatoes that are popping up in several places.  I'm looking forward to see how everything grows!

I have been fighting with my last baby quilt.  The thread keeps twisting then causing the stitching to skip.  Frustrating!  But I like that I've made some progress - it's just about halfway quilted.  Maybe I'll finish this weekend.


  1. Your pond looks like a lovely place to spend some time! Glad you got to kayak with your sister and get in a visit with a friend. We definitely need those kinds of normal. Hooray for growing things, too!

  2. my plan is to work on my purple and green banner today! Great to see your photo. I'm so glad you and Rob helped the snake back into nature. Poor little guy wanted to eat... all God's creatures need to eat. We relocated a moth this week without injury. I don't know, with all the hatred in our country I feel it's more important than ever to show kindness, any kindness, to any creatures. Glad you enjoyed the kayak in the pretty setting, and that truck guy was kind enough to move over for y'all.

  3. The pond looks beautiful. Happy faces are nice to see. The snake, not so much. Must have been a scary moment.

  4. Hi Sally! I would have chickened out on removing the snake, too. What a surprise indeed! Your yard looks nice and green, with the pop of irises in there, I think! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. I am so envious of your time "on the water" something I know I would enjoy. You have some really nice likes here. Your garden looks splendid; are those purples irises? I've been weeding lots too...feels good to step back and look at it. I don't mind snakes...we don't have them in Newfoundland so I'm kind of fascinated by them. That little guy seems like an interesting one...happy you rescued it. Enjoy the long weekend.

  6. The pond sounds so awesome. Poor snake, but I agree, not picking it up. Your garden is lovely, all the purple!

  7. I would have screamed too if I saw that snake! Our old house had a field stone foundation. We found lots of things down there! Beautiful garden! Sounds like you and your sister had a great time!

  8. So glad to read that no one automatically killed the snake. He was harmless and folks are needlessly scared of them. How nice to visit and play with you sister and then some friends too! Seems to make the greens greener and the purples purpler somehow! Have a great week!

  9. Yikes a snake in the basement! Wonderful your Rob rescued him and sent him on his way. Your irises are gorgeous.


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