Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sleeping on the Edge

I walked by the cage over the weekend and saw only one guinea pig.  What?!  The gate was closed, so both pigs should have been in there.  I looked again and there was a little bit of Cannoli-butt tucked in the second level tunnel.  This was a little odd, because the front end of the tunnel was clearly hanging over the edge of the second level.

I walked around and sure enough, Noli is sleeping in the tunnel with her nose and front paw supported only by the tunnel.

I wonder if the tunnel just happened to be situated like that, or if she moved it on purpose.  Looks rather comfy, doesn't she?


  1. lil GP sleeping bag. Widdle face... so cute

  2. I would like to figure out a way that I could be that comfortable when I'm sleeping!

  3. I wish guinea pig sleeping bags came in people size!

  4. So cute, what a sweetie! Noli and Boadi are so adorable!
    I'm all for people sized fleece!!

  5. Cute!Bramble and Patches(my Guinea pigs) would so do this if I had a c and c cage:)


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