Monday, November 20, 2017

Celtic Solstice Top

The top is done!  Look at it!  I'm thrilled.  It's flat.  The squares are all 9".  That never happens - my blocks always shrink.

The photo doesn't show it, but there's tons of loose threads all over.  I need to take some time to clean this up before moving on.
I planned to do the basic Celtic Solstice border:  a white inside with an outside of light blue and brown triangles.  However, after cutting the binding (which I'm glad I did first!) I discovered I don't have quite enough light blue (unless I Frankenstein a few triangles).  While researching alternate borders, I came across several very cool examples that worked the main pattern into the borders, so it blended from one to the other.  Alas, I've already cut the inner border and don't have enough uncut fabric to try one of those.  Things to keep in mind for future quilts.  I have enough light and dark blues to create something nice.

For now, I need to shift gears to other projects.  There's Sculpey, Drapes of Doom III and another quilt that's in the works.  I'm sure this quilt will natter at me, demanding attention.  I won't be able to leave it alone for long!

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  1. Blimey! What a creation - I hope you'll do something nice for yourself to celebrate!

  2. Sally as always that is amazing! Beautiful quilt.

  3. Wow!! You have triumphed with this quilt; it is amazing!!

  4. Hi Sally,
    Who could forget you have the drapes hanging over your head, so to speak. I love this near-finish. How fabulous that it came together so nicely for you, too. I often have block size issues, sometimes even randomly. Yay you - you deserve to finish it soon though. No nattering allowed. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. That is beautiful! I love the browns and blues together!

  6. Beautiful quilt top and work, love these colours together and with the border it will be perfect.

  7. What a stunning top! It is just beautiful. I hope you are able to finish it soon so you can have it out to admire often. Best wishes. mary in Az

  8. Congrats on getting that finished. I'm working on mine too, but I really like your colors better than mine, by a long shot. Great contrast with the blues.

  9. Whoop! Whoop!! I know how exciting it is to get a BH quilt top all put together. :) Love your colors.


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