Thursday, November 9, 2017

I Like Thursday: Tea and Treats

It's Thursday - time to like some stuff!

I like that I got together with some crafting friends on Sunday.  We drank tea, gabbed and showed off our latest creations.  There was so many good things.

I loved the purple and teal carpenter blocks.  And isn't that sashiko (the navy blue with white stitching) pretty?  One friend brought a black, white and red quilt top.  She'll be quilting it soon.  It will look fantastic when it's finished!  And so many delicious treats.  I had lovely leftovers for two days.  Yum.

I like the new shiny black car in our driveway.  I got to ride in it on Sunday (I'm afraid to drive it until Rob knows how it works - it does all sorts of newfangled stuff I'm not used to!).  I'll stick with my little blue car.  But it's nice to know we have one reliable car.

I like that I'm going to a dance tonight - which is some unexpected fun.  On the other hand, it may be a sign that I've lost my mind... I'll be picking up a dozen (yes, twelve!) acoustical drapes.  Yup - I'm tackling another set of The Drapes of Doom!

But before I face whatever I'm doing with the drapes, I need to finish my Mom's quilt.  I like that I have my first 10 blocks.  Look at that!  And even better?  The points are all pointy and they're all 9½" square.  All that trimming and squaring paid off!  Most wondrous!

I have nothing planned this weekend, so I hope to be doing lots of sewing.

There's more to like over at Not Afraid of Color.  Enjoy!


  1. Lost my comment, but it was about my love for shashiko stitching! Simple stitch can create intricate,complex effects.

  2. Sashiko. Extra h got in there.

  3. Hi Sally,
    Oh my, that navy with the white stitching! WOW - that looks so beautiful. And so do the carpenter blocks - thanks for sharing the name of the block because I often wonder and then do not know. Ooh, new cars - don't you love the new car smell? You will adjust to it soon! A dozen drapes - have you lost your mind?! I hope you have a fabulous weekend, sewing away! ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. new car!! I once kept a new sewing machine in it's box while I continued to struggle with my old one for months

  5. Your crafty get together sounds like fun! I just came home from my afternoon quilt group get together - show and tell, treats, and lots of chit chat. Those times with friends are the best! Your mom's quilt blocks are looking good!

  6. Fun blocks. I like the carpenter blocks. Nice car. Enjoy the dancing.

  7. I love your blocks! Congrats on perfect points!!! I love seeing some of your tea projects, what fun!!! Have a great week!

  8. Nothing better than a natter and tea and showing of one's stuff with a group of friends. Nice car! Your mum's quilt is looking lovely.

  9. It took about 5 months before I could bear to load my lovely new (2004) Highlander with hay. It was just so...nice. And now it's just so...hay-ey. And will be, forevermore.
    Just working my way up to the day I have to put goats in the back.

  10. So much fun to get together and stitch and eat. And what lovely projects. Happy stitching, Sally.


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