Monday, November 13, 2017

Trying Something New

We all are adjusting to a single pig household.

I hung the hammock in the cage last week, even though I have never seen Wedgwood use it.  When I placed her into it she immediately jumped out.  But look what I saw a day later - a pig in a hammock.  She's tried it out once or twice since then.  I wonder why she never used it while Boadicea was around.  I figured she was afraid or didn't know how to jump in.  Obviously she can!

The other new thing is learning to speak up.  Breakfast is pretty regular and she's good at demanding morning pepper.  But she hasn't quite got the hang of reminding us about dinner.  Boadicea would be sure to tell us it was dinner time if someone was in the kitchen after 5pm.  I didn't realize how much I keyed into that reminder.  Without it, Wedgwood sometimes doesn't get dinner until 8pm.  Speak up, pig!

I'm trying various interactions and toys with Wedgie to see what she likes best and to keep her entertained.  Extra lap time is tolerated.  Being picked up and snuggled is awful!  So far the cardboard tubes filled with veggies are her favorite.  Obviously she likes to play by herself more than interact with me.  We'll work on that. 


  1. I wonder if Boadicea overshadowed Wedgwood? He might need to get used to having his own way.

  2. I was wondering how things were going with a solo Wedg. I've never had guinea pigs, but with all the common dynamics I see on your blog and mine, I think of your critters as a very short, pudgy goat herd.

  3. What a sweet hammock. If I was a guinea pig that would be the first place I would hang out. It seems Wedgwood is getting used to being number uno, ever so slowly. He is very sweet.

  4. I´m sure Wedgie is going to love the hammock, just takes getting used to.

  5. Glad she is settling to being an only, I am sure she will soon learn to remind you about dinner time, although sounds like she isn't too fazed about it.


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