Thursday, November 30, 2017

I Like Thursday: Nearly Six Pounds

I have SO MUCH TO DO.  Simply not enough time.  My long Thanksgiving weekend flew by before I knew what hit me.

On the other hand - I liked a lot!

I like the fabric I bought Sunday.  The bag felt heavy - I threw it on the scale when I got home:  five pounds ten ounces.  Excellent.

I like the backing I got for my Mom's quilt.  It's extra wide, so there will be no seams in the back.  Woot!

I also like that I finished the border for Mom's quilt.  I had to redo part of it because it didn't look right when I sewed it together.  But I'm happy with it now!  It just needs to be attached.

And I like the quilt I have on the drawing board.   I can't wait to start working on it.

I like that the charity quilting group at Ryco helped me pick an outer border for the shirt quilt (and should be enough to do the binding, too).  They loved the plaids and joked that I should buy Rob a bunch of new shirts, so he'll give me more old ones to work with.  Well... he's recently purchased a bunch.  They look great on him now, and they'll make a lovely quilt when he's done with them!

I baked like a mad-woman this weekend.  Piles of cookies everywhere.  Had one failed batch of toffee - it didn't look and feel right.  But it tasted delicious.  I like that we got to keep a bunch of it (even after I shared some at a dance and at Game Day).  Rob is happy I made extra Berger cookies, too (he's not happy when I give away all the good stuff).

Lastly (and this is a total nerd thing) - I like that I managed to install Picasa on my Linux laptop.  So.  Very.  Happy.  At one point I thought Picasa wasn't compatible with the latest Debian and I couldn't find a simple photo editor that had all the functionality I wanted.  Saved!

Still so much to do - haven't had time to write much.  Maybe this weekend?  But I will make time to read the other I Like posts over at Not Afraid of Color.


  1. I use picassa. I like your likes!

  2. Love your likes! Always love new fabrics and good backing! Have a great week!

  3. New fabric is always so much fun, and an extra wide backing sounds wonderful! Piecing the backing is probably my least favorite part of making a quilt. Enjoy your treats!

  4. Lovely fabric - I got some extra wide backing this past weekend as well for a quilt that just needs put together. And I keep threatening to install Linux on this computer, but as much as I hate W10, the fear of change keeps me stagnant.

  5. I didn't even know Picasa still exists! It's what I used to use quite happily and then - a couple of years ago, if I remember correctly - Google suddenly decided to drop it off their radar, offer no updates or support for it, and push Google Photos in it's place. There was quite an uproar, but Google also wouldn't let anyone (volunteer developer type people) take over Picasa and continue to work with it as freeware. It was a rough patch for me, trying out other free or inexpensive software and transferring tens of thousands of images. If you can avoid that, congratulations!

  6. Oh your new fabric is lovely. It would be fun to make something out of those shirts.

  7. What a busy lady, such a lot to do before Christmas, great new fabric.


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