Thursday, November 2, 2017

I Like Thursday: Some Silliness

It's Thursday!  Time to share things I like with Not Afraid of Color's I Like Thursday.

I like Game Day - friends, food and games for an afternoon.  One of the games I really enjoyed is called Wild Man.  For some reason I remembered the name as Crazy Brother (because that's the way my brain works).  No one knew what I was asking to play at first!  It's a bidding game, taking tricks with a trump, like playing Hearts or Spades - but you don't play with a full deck.  That makes bidding a little tricky, and hilarity ensued.

The weather was so nice, the group decided to go on an extended hike first.  There was this rotted tree that fell across the path and I liked how the branch had rotted out.  My friend wanted me to take a photo of my boot in it (which was difficult to do - balanced on one foot while taking a picture of my other foot).  She decided she needed to take a photograph, so I shot a picture of her taking a picture of my boot.  I think I got the more entertaining photo.

Speaking of photos, I recently stumbled across this old photo of me and my dad.  I remember this day!  Dad worked for UPS, and this was a exhibition of a bunch of their delivery vehicles through the years.  I love old cars.  This truck was pretty neat!  I recall getting a little (modern) delivery truck bank.  Alas, I no longer have it - it disappeared in some move. 

And on the topic of deliveries....  This arrived the other day for Rob.  He looked like a little kid as he pawed through the pieces.  It's stuff to automate the house?  I think he's looking to voice-control the lights.  This could be fun.

Rob hassles me, saying that he's going to add voice recognition so when I have an outburst, all the lights in the house will flash.  Can you imagine?  It's likely to give me laughing fit - which would make the house light up like a disco.  I promise I'll take videos if he manages to get that to work.

A couple of likes all in that box - I like that Rob tinkers with stuff like that.  I'm sure I'll like whatever he does with it (even if he's programs flashing lights).

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. It sounds like you have a fun group of friends! I've always enjoyed playing games, too - it's something we always do when we get together with family or friends. It'll be fun to see what happens when Rob wires up your house! I scrolled down and read all about Boadi - thanks for sharing that with us. She sounds like she had quite a personality! Happy Thursday!

  2. Hi Sally,
    I agree - your picture wins, hands down. People make the photos in my book, not that there is anything wrong with the tree root or your boot. I used to play hearts with my sister all the time - I can imagine bidding with less than a full deck of cards does make it very tricky and fun. I can only imagine the voice activated lights - reminds me of those clapper commercials. Other noises sound like clapping, so it always strikes me funny to think of the lights going on/off at unexpected times. Quite the high tech savvy stuff going on there! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Like the pictures. I agree reminds me of the clapper. A friend and I had a good chuckle about a clapper recently.

  4. I love the photo of you as a child! I think you have the best sense of humor and you made me smile a lot today. Thank you! Yes, we want to see how the light situation works out! Cheers!

  5. I got stopped at not playing with a full deck!!! You do get pleasure out of all sorts of fun stuff. I wonder what will trigger the lights... I imagine a knock at the door and the whole house starts flashing and beeping!


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