Saturday, November 25, 2017

Past Pignics: Pigs and People

The Boston Pignic existed years before I started blogging.  I recently dredged up a bunch of old photos and thought they'd be fun to share.  This is the third post in the series (you can view the other posts at Several Pretty Pigs and Pig Piles).

Guinea pigs are so photogenic - but I like the photos of pigs with people, too.  Many of these are from the 2008 spring and fall pignics.  Evidently that was a great year for people and pigs.

Guinea pigs spend much of the pignic eating grass, but we always find reasons to pick them up.  Whether it's for inspections, bringing them to and from the common pens, to show off or simply to snuggle them.

Most attendees at the first few pignics knew each other online from the Cavymadness or Guinea Lynx forums.  It was great to match faces with names of the people we chatted with.  We also used to organize a huge group photo at each pignic.  Eventually that got to be too unwieldy with so many people and their pigs.

Pairing guinea pigs and people guarantees some goofiness.  Lenny was an utterly laid back pig and so easy to handle.  Tammy couldn't help but tickle his belly.

Each time I see this photo, I wonder what conversation was going on between Colin and his pig.  Or at least she seemed to be talking to him:  Why am I on the roof?  Because I want to be!  I am now taller than all the other guinea pigs.  Aren't I cute?

It is a fact of life that guinea pigs need to be smooched.  It's true.  I even have the photos to prove it.

Some pigs like it better than others.

Regardless, they need kisses.

The first few years we had very few boars attend pignics (a solo boar in 2003).  This latest pignic had as many (if not more) boars than sows.  Over the years, the boar's pen has been a constant source of entertainment.  We often describe what goes on there as one big love-fest.  <ahem>  Newcomers can be as shocked as the regulars are amused.  This photo manages to capture both sides of that story.  I chuckle every time I see (or even think about) this photo.

Last, but certainly not least, is my all-time favorite pignic photo.  This is Lenny with his caretaker, accepting the prize of being the porkiest guinea pig at the pignic.  I'm not sure who's cuter?  Or who has the better expression?  🖤


  1. aaaiiieeeee how adorable. From the name pignic to the faces! Wish I was there!

  2. I always enjoy seeing your Pignic photos. Guinea Pigs are just such wonderful fun companions.

    I have a newbie arriving tomorrow to keep Jay company - I hope they get on!

  3. It sounds as if a pignic is a wonderful introduction to the "Birds and Bees". =) Guinea pigs do look so cuddly. Great photos, Sally.

  4. Flashback to the day my first Irish Wolfhound youngster won the Longest Tail award at a shelter benefit fun show in Colorado :)

  5. Thank you for sharing these photos, love seeing the guinea pigs.


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