Monday, April 16, 2018

Not the Nails!

As if I didn't get enough nail clipping at the Pig-a-Palooza last Sunday, I decided that Wedgwood was long overdue for a nail trim.  Saturday was a nice sunny (and warm!) day.  Perfect for nail clipping.  Out we went.

There was a lot of complaining but no wriggling, not even a nibble.  A well behaved pig - a welcome relief from last week.  Or, maybe it was all the practice I got?  I gave Wedgwood the impression of knowing what I was doing.

She was so adorable just hanging out and waving her nose around that I had to run in and get the camera.  Look at that face.  Then she went back in for a well deserved treat.

Good pig!


  1. p.s. Any time you'd like to expand into goat hoof trimming, just give a shout!

  2. oh so precious. Good girl Wedgie! Now please come trim Milo's nails too... now that you've gotten so good at it a poodle shouldn't be a big leap!


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