Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Now What Do I Do?

I'm working on the last of my clean-up projects before setting my sights on the next quilt.  I'm down to the very last of my dreaded dress fabric.  The linen went wonderfully with some black and white fabric I have been hording, as well as leftovers from my summer bed quilt.  I've been wanting to try this Folded Star paper pieced pattern for a while, so I killed two birds with one stone.  It's a bit small for a mug rug.  I may throw on a border and call it done.  Maybe the black?  Maybe some more of the melon green?  Hmmm...

This is the back side of a pillow top I made from the trimmings of #AdoretheSchwarz.  I often cheat when quilting a pillow - I layer backing and top together and skip a bottom layer.  I usually sew the form right into my pillows, so it's never going to be exposed.  However, the plan for this pillow cover was to have an envelope back to allow removing the insert.  The batting was patched together with interfacing - it has a fairly smooth appearance.  But it will look undone inside the pillow case.  Should have thought of that before I quilted.  What do you think?  Leave it as is and complete the pillow case?  Or add one more (albeit unquilted) layer to protect the batting and make a polished finish?

My last scrappy project that may just end up in a UFO bin:  this is an 18" square, in part to play with the layout and in part to use the rest of the scrap linen I didn't want to roll into my quilting stash.  I think I like the center of the left example better than the right one.  I think I may need to make a few more checkerboard squares to even everything out.  Not my favorite color combination, but it's not bad.  I may hand off the pieces and let someone else dream of what to do with them.

Lastly, if you're still reading - I have not been happy with any of my thread snippers/scissors.  Any recommendation of thread scissors that you just love?  Thanks!


  1. I like Japanese/Chinese style scissors, like these:

  2. I think you're right about preferring the left-hand 18" sample square's center. I also prefer the left's corner treatment with the solid blue rather than the floral intersecting the white diagonal.

  3. I always go for Slip-n-Snip folding scissors, and have a few pair in project bags and one by my sewing machine. Made in the USA, not plastic, and the points are totally covered when the scissors are folded - a critical aspect when you're a person like me who carries WIPs in bags that other scissors would poke right through.

  4. I like the 5" scissors by Jim Holtz. I don't remember if you are in Maryland or not, but Capital Quilts carries them and they are having their anniversary sale thru Thursday. Here's a link to them on Amazon:

    1. Oh - wanted to add that they seem very comparable to the Karen Kay Buckley scissors that are on the market right now.

  5. Gingher scissors made in Switzerland or Germany, not the cheap knock offs from China. I also found the following scissors some months ago. They have become my favorite scissors besides the original Gingher scissors which are becoming harder to find. Here's the link to my second favorite pair

  6. Love that star. It is awesome! Looks too complicated for me though but you did an excellent job. I think I would go with the black fabric. Sorry about the scissors; I have nothing for you. I have snippers that I love but don't know the name. Sorry. ;^)


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