Monday, April 9, 2018

Pig-a-Palooza 2018

I'm writing this only hours after returning from the 2018 Pig-a-Palooza held at Nevins Farm in Methuen, MA.  Whew!  It was another crazy, well-attended, successful event.  Lots of happy people.  Lots of cute pigs, many of them are Nevins alumni.  I am wiped out after clipping nails for nearly two hours.

Not sure which way was up on that red piggie.  The texel pig was sooo laid back; the white and grey one so tiny!

This year I was determined to count how many pigs' nails I cut, but that went out the window as we were swarmed with wriggling, wheeking clients.  Like last year, we had long line of people who wanted our services (Rob helped again!).  They were very good under a stressful situation - Rob and I had teeth applied to us once or twice, but never bitten.  We cut so many dreaded black nails (because you can't see the quick), but ended up with only a few bleeders.

Joey from Salem Pet Photo was inundated with models hoping for their big break at her photo booth.  She announced that she photographed over 100 guinea pigs Sunday afternoon.  Wowza.  Can you see the appeal?  Floating away in a summer blue sky?  I can't wait until she posts an album.

We guessed we clipped maybe twenty guinea pigs apiece.  But now I'm wondering if we did even more than that?  This was the crowd at the end of the day - can you imagine what it looked like halfway through?  It's amazing the amount of people that come to this event and cram themselves into that one room.

We sat next to the enrichment table.  Last year I learned how to make cardboard treat balls, which have been a hit.  This year I liked the paper twists she was making.  I'll try some of those this week and see how Wedgwood likes it. 

Although I didn't have time to mingle with the crowds, I bumped into familiar faces.  Several attendees are Boston Pignic regulars.  I also spent some time with Niki and her boars Stuart and Calvin.  They are card-carrying Pet Partners therapy animals.  How wild is that?

Rob snapped a few photos before the masses arrived, and I managed a few free minutes towards the end which can be found  at Pig-a-palooza 2018

The Nevins Farm event brought in twice as much money than last year - over $1600 for this year's Pig-a-palooza fundraiser.  I am delighted to have been a part of it.

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