Saturday, February 5, 2022

Project Quilting 13.3: Tea Time

Project Quilting 13.3 would have been the perfect challenge to make cover for the stand mixer.  But with very little free time and not knowing where the mixer will end up when the kitchen is redone... I decided to keep it simple.  Besides - I seem to be on a mug rug kick with this year's challenges so far.

Thus my submission is a large mug rug with teapot and teacups.  The pattern is called Grandma's Tea Party by Beth Maddocks for Piece By Number (I can't find a link of where I downloaded the pdf).

The light green fabric seemed brighter when I chose it, but I wish I had picked a darker color for the teapot.  The first teacup went together no problem, but the second one fought me - I had to do the handle three times before I got it right.  Sheesh. But it gave me a chance to test out the sewing machine after resetting the tension.  Feels great!

Overall, not bad.  Better yet - it's done!  Hopefully I'll have more time and inspiration for the next challenge.

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  1. cute! love the teapot fabric too, i'D LIKE ONE like that
    just finished my entry post too... whew...

  2. That is cute, Sally! Even though making it might not have been exactly fun, you definitely had a fun result!

  3. The teapot and tea cups quilt is adorable. The quilting looks great, too!

  4. I love this! Perfect as far as I am concerned. I meant to say on your last post how much I hate having tension many fiddly bits on this big machine I have now. So happy for you to have worked yours out.

  5. Cute mini teapot and cups!!! I'm imagining we're sharing a cup of tea!!!


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