Thursday, March 17, 2022

I Like Thursday: St Patty's Day

Not much to share with LeeAnna's group for I Like Thursday.  Life is good - just busy and routine.

I have Icy Colors bound.  Still needs a bunch of fixes, but it's so nice to see it with clean edges.  So exciting!

This week's Project Quilting challenge is flying geese.  I made my own paper pieced pattern for this one.  I got confused with the lines on one of the pieces and cut off the seam allowance (the extra piece on the left).  Bummer.  I still had scraps of most of the colors I used in it, so I made another nearly the same.  

My sister and I have started up another computer game on Sunday evenings.  Looking forward to that.  

Quilting, work, errands.  There went my week!

Are you celebrating St. Patrick's Day?  We had corned beef earlier this week, and if I can squeeze in the time, I hope to bake some Irish soda bread tonight.  


  1. like your geese. I went to make a cabbage dish and no cabbage from grocers this week, so potatoes and maybe a glass of beer for us today

  2. Seeing a quilt with its binding giving it clean edges is always a good feeling! Sometimes I have fallen out of love with the project, but fall back in love after it is quilted and bound, lol! Looking forward to seeing Icy Waters all finished.

  3. Glad you managed to get your quilt done. Binding is always so satisfying. Love your flying geese. Oh I do understand about being so busy. I made reuben egg rolls as an early St. Patrick's Day treat.

  4. Hi Sally! Happy St. Patrick's Day to you. Work and errands - that mostly makes up my week. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Hi Sally, I’m working on flying geese now and enjoying them on the machine. Yours look pretty in those solid colours. We ate our entire sofa bread in a couple of days and it was huge. Enjoy it all!

  6. Your flying geese look great! I hope you had a nice St. Patrick's Day!

  7. We at least wore green to work on Thrusday, that's probably all the celebrating we did. At least you were able to recover from your error and finish your piece on time.


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