Monday, March 14, 2022

Mostly Done - Finally

I've quilted the last block of Icy Colors.  I can't believe the quilting is done.  I have at least a dozen repairs to do.  I've pinned various spots where I found skipped stitches - there's at least five in this photo.  There's also one tiny piece that's waiting for the binding before quilting.  So close.

I have binding picked out and I've started work on the label.  I pushed through Sunday to have the quilting done before I looked at this week's Project Quilting challenge (I'm amused that it's flying geese, after what I made last challenge).

I swapped my chair for a stool to sit on while quilting.  The stool was better for my shoulders and allowed me a better viewpoint in which to quilt.  However my knees have complained bitterly about the change.  I'll need to work on that. 

This quilt has gone through several cycles of love and hate and definitely halfway into the quilting I asked myself what was I doing?!?  But I really like the look.  

My table top is clear for the first time in weeks.  I may actually make my OMG.  Shady Lanes will come off the wall by the weekend, so I can finish quilting that.  I can't wait! 

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  1. Your blues and green are playing well together in this beautiful bright quilt. How great to have an almost finish too. Did you ever hear the saying, blue and green should only be seen, together in the washing machine? But that had to do with dressing not quilting. LOL

  2. I love this! It really came out great!

  3. Fabulous your quilting on Icy Colours is finished. Such a beautiful, vividly coloured quilt. By the sounds of it your cleared table top won't be clear for long.

  4. Well done, Sally! The colors are so vibrant and I can see "ice" very clearly!

  5. On your stool, maybe it's not at the right height. Or perhaps a different type of stool might be needed. Does yours swivel? Or maybe just a step in place exercise for your knees when you use the stool might help your knees.


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