Saturday, March 5, 2022

Project Quilting 13.5: Circle of Geese

I have continued with the paper pieced rug mug theme I seemed to have fallen into for this year's Project Quilting.  Turns out that's perfect for this week's challenge of rhythm and repetition.  I picked a circle of geese pattern that I had bookmarked ages ago and shrunk it down to finish at about 10" square.

Once I picked the pattern, I dug through my scrap bin.  Initially I wanted blue geese, then found a bunch of greens.  They ended up not playing well together so I moved onto a ton of little neutral bits.  Those looked lovely against my large scrap of blue.  

I briefly panicked that I'd run out of the blue before finishing the block.  Definitely not enough left to bind with, but found a chunk of light blue that fit the bill.  Geese in a clear blue sky! 

I was happy to give my little Singer 99 some more work with the piecing and quilting.  This quilt goes nicely with my growing row of mug rugs for this season.

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  1. what a study in perspective. At first all I could see was the center spiked star, and it took a real effort to shift to seeing the geese which is now all I can see! Cool stuff, and the stitching adds so much texture

  2. I like that! The low volumes against the blue sky are really pretty. Makes me want to dig out my printed pieces and give it a try!

  3. I love the movement in this mug rug, Sally. Those low volume fabrics are perfect for the blue sky. I think the lighter blue binding finishes it all, rather beautifully.

  4. Love the movement and peaceful feeling

  5. Very pretty block design which looks super difficult and I like the lighter blue edging too.


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