Tuesday, March 1, 2022

March OMG

Wait, it's March?  Well, considering my laptop crashed last week, I guess there's a number of reasons I missed my February OMG.  I quilted two-thirds of one quilt and half of another - so one could argue I actually did accomplish my February goal.  However, I didn't have the finished product I was hoping for.  Project Quilting also ran some interference with my focus.  Oh, well.

That make's March's goal easy - to have Icy Colors quilted, bound and ready to gift.  There's still several hours of quilting and binding left to do, but I'm motivated to finish it.  My machine tends to skip on the medium green fabric; otherwise quilting has been steadily progressing.

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  1. Already March is a challenge to grasp.
    Happy Quilting!

  2. There such pretty colors in your quilt. Best of luck (not that you'll need it) meeting your March OMG.

  3. Hope your new computer arrived as expected! Wishing you lots of quilt finishing time in March, too!

  4. Some months are like that. It sounds though as if March will see your goal achieved....fingers crossed.


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