Thursday, April 28, 2022

I Like Thursday: Flowers, Rock Fort and Toast

Ooh - it's been a fun week.  Good things to share with I Like Thursday.  Thanks for hosting, LeeAnna!

Said goodbye to a coworker on Friday.  She helped land me my current job, of which I am grateful!  That was sad - but we our group together for lunch, which was great.  I also got the chance to deliver some of my Easter candy (which is always a hit).

Stopped off at a friend's on the way home.  He had these daffodils by the front door.  Look at how frilly they are!  They were beautiful.

We went for a walk to a place called Fort Rock.  I liked the tenacious tree growing through and around this rock.

Fort Rock itself was pretty cool - a big rock, split apart, it was like walking through hallways surrounded by trees.  Must be pretty in the summer.  I can see why kids liked to play there and how it got named. 


Have you ever head Streetband's Toast?  It's a silly song that my sister heard on Dr. Demento when we were young.  She drew this up and texted it to me a few days ago.  Made me laugh.  It's perfect!  

Scrape that toast, boys!

Did you see - I sent off Harlequin Opal.  We also have been enjoying Domino's stay with us so far.  

Our local dances are starting up again.  Exciting.  Scary.  We can't make the first one this Saturday.  We've been going back and forth weighing the protocols and risks.  It would be nice to see my dancing friends again.

Hoping for some good weather this weekend - need to do some work in the garden!  And eek!  only three more days to finish my monthly goal! 


  1. The frilly daffodils are gorgeous. They look like they are already dancing. Have a safe and fun time!

  2. What a neat place to hike. The rocks remind me of the stones in the Outlander series. Pretty Daffodils.

  3. Such pretty daffodils! What a great place to hike! I'm not surprised to hear your candy was so popular. It looks so good!

  4. Those are pretty daffodils! Love the view of Fort Rock, too. I've been invited to a concert on Sunday, and have the same feelings as you - looking forward to it and nervous at the same time. I think I'll wear a mask. It's probably hard to dance in a mask, though. ;) Will we ever feel quite the same again about group gatherings?

  5. Hi Sally! Those daffodils are so pretty - I've never noticed the frilly edges before. OH, dancing again!! WOW. How nice is that to hear that you have the option. Friends and exercise. Good luck with that decision. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. Frilly daffodils and a Fort Rock! Fun! I have never heard Streetband’s Toast! Am I too old? Anyway, cute toaster drawing. I need to research. And go check your links regarding Opal! Hope you get back to dancing. It is a concern!

  7. Frilly daffodils are special! What an interesting place to hike and explore. Always something interesting to see in such places. I understand how it is a bit tricky with the dancing. However, everything is a go here but I am wearing my mask still.


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