Thursday, April 14, 2022

I Like Thursday: Sunshine and Sprouts


It's Thursday!  Time to link up with LeeAnna's I Like Thursday to share good things that happened this week. 

Finally there was sun enough for long enough to photograph two of my finished quilts.  This is Shady Lane's back - the front will have to wait until after it's gifted... which should be soon!  The photographs aren't perfect, but enough that I'm willing to part with the quilts.  

The bummer with this beautiful strong sun was that I found five spots of skipped stitches.  I ended up ripping and re-quilting when I thought it was all done!

My sister recently gave me back some quilted oven mitts I had made for my nephew when he was a little kid.  They're in great shape and looking for an owner with small hands.

I had given up that my tomato seeds would sprout, but look what I found yesterday!  Those will be beefsteak tomatoes!

We finally have a date for when the kitchen will be redone: mid-June.  Huzzah!

Not sure if guinea pigs are very brave or just wonderfully unaware of the consequences?  Which reminds me of a favorite quote:  If ignorance is bliss, then back then I was mighty blissful. 


Still no guinea pigs up for fostering.  Which I guess is a good thing for the shelter and guinea pigs, although I miss the wheeky demands. 


  1. Sun is happening here today too! I rarely take outdoor photos due to lack of “where”. I may have to create a photo op place. Your tomato know that summer is on the way! Hooray, indeed!

  2. Hooray for a quilty finish! Even though you found places where there were skipped stitches, at least you knew where it needed to be fixed. Those little oven mitts are adorable! The guinea pig meme is great, too - something to think about!

  3. I miss seeing and hearing your wheeky pigs too. Yea that your seeds are popping and news on the kitchen is good too

  4. Lovely quilts and oven mitts too. I find photographing in sunlight tricky but yet you need brightness to show up the colours, etc. I need to keep working on my photo taking. I miss your little and adorable pets too. Happy weekend to you both!

  5. As the recipient of Shady Lanes (which arrived today), I can’t wait for you all to see the front — it’s gorgeous! (But we expect nothing less from Sally!) 🥰

  6. I'm looking forward to seeing the front of your quilt! I've missed spots quilting and had to reload a quilt. I guess we're in good company! I miss your foster GP too!

  7. Yay for tomato seedlings. They seem to be the longest to sprout. Love the GP saying. What cute oven mitts!

  8. Sally - love your observations of guinea pigs - I am pretty sure they are blissfully unaware of the consequences! Happy Easter to you!


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