Saturday, April 16, 2022

Shady Lanes

Yay!  Shady Lanes is done, labeled, photographed and delivered! 

It was a big surprise for my friend.  She loves it.

This was a fun quilt to put together.  It had been on my bucket list for a couple of years and I finally accumulated enough 2-inch squares to make a throw quilt.  I've seen some patterns that all the HST the same color (or even the whole thing in three colors), but I had enough to scrap the whole thing.  Solid black was the perfect color to use on the diamonds.

The quilting is easiest to see on the back (which is great - the front is busy enough as is!).  I quilted big leaves/flames on the crossroads and a mix of swirls and leaves in the squares in-between.  I changed my mind at least twice on how I wanted to quilt this, including ripping out a chunk of my first attempt.  

I switched to a simpler pattern inside the diamonds.  Each little square was quilted that created a pattern of intertwined circles in the 4x4 square.  I did scrolls in the corners.  Quilting would have been easier and faster to have done the whole quilt like that.  But I really like how it turned out with the different patterns inside and outside the diamonds.

The pale grey thread on the black was more contrast than I was willing to do (and risk showing all my mistakes).  This is where I had that awful time with the cinnamon colored thread and had to rip it all out.  This green thread was better behaved.  I'm really pleased with how it pops up close, but doesn't stand out at a distance.  

I saw the diamond quilting design from Tish's Adventures in Wonderland.  But why repeat one thing when you can do a bunch?  I decided to have each diamond get it's own motif.  I had lots of practice from quilting the Icy Waters quilt, so I decided to keep going.  When will I learn to keep it simple?

I discovered that some designs worked better than others.  Loopy stuff could be tricky to work around the corners without getting bunched up or leaving big empty spots.  Some of them, like the feathers, were easier and looked way better than I had anticipated. 

I also tried to do the straight edge around each diamond with a ruler.  Ruler work looks so great, and I'm dying to try more of it, but me and my machine just fight with each other every time I attempt it.  In the end, it was much easier to chalk the lines and follow that than it was to line up the ruler for those edges (but the edges look so cool!).

I pushed myself to get this quilted because of the looming pile of unfinished quilts.  (Lesson 1 - don't backlog too many sandwiched quilts.)  So when I had skipped stitches, I continued to quilt, rather than stop immediately, undo the bad stitching, tie it off, bury the threads and start again.  I was confident I could find the spots and fix them later.  (Lesson 2 - don't keep sewing when you see bad stitching.)  Bad, bad idea.  I carefully inspected the whole quilt, clipped out and restitched a bunch of places.  Then found more when I bound it.  And then, as I photographed the finished quilt, I saw a half-dozen more gleaming in the sunlight.


I swear, at this point I must have found them all.  I bundled up the quilt and shipped it, though, before I could obsess over it any longer.  (Hopefully you won't find any more gaps in the quilting!)

Needless to say, I'm being much more careful with my current quilt.

I may have been DONE with this quilt and ready to part with it, but had it been smaller, it would have stayed with me.  I really do love how it looks.  I hope to make a wall hanging with this pattern in the not-too-distant future.

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  1. Shady Lanes is beautiful! I think your quilting is amazing - so sorry it gave you some trouble. This is a lovely gift for your friend!

  2. What a beautiful quilt Shady Lanes is! Love all that scrappy delight. My goodness, it sounds as if the quilting fought with you but all the different patterns adds lovely interest. A most wonderful finish indeed! Lucky friend!

  3. Shady Lanes is gorgeous! Your quilting is beautiful. It really complements the quilt nicely!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! Love how it turned out and your quilting looks great!

  5. The black HSTs make a great backdrop for the scraps! Love the quilting.

  6. What an amazing quilt, so many tiny pieces and lots of colour, fabulous finish and a wonderful gift.

  7. Shady lane is fantastic! I love all the colors and how the black really makes it all come together. Your friend must have been thrilled. Gorgeous, truly gorgeous. Getting you added to my blog list.
    Sandy's Space

  8. I love it! So much scrappy goodness, and your beautiful custom quilting is perfect for it.

  9. well, I wondered what happened to my comment... it took it mid way. I was saying what a cute little fox? and Domino is going to be fun
    your candy, always amazed at it!

  10. The black with those colors really makes them sing beautifully together.


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