Friday, February 13, 2015

Blind Date with a Book

My local library is running Blind Date with a Book for the first two weeks of February.  I've not heard of this before, but a little Googling indicates many libraries participate.  My library has a shelf of paper-wrapped books, each tagged with a classification and a quick blurb about the book.  You pick a book and promise to devote at least 100 minutes for your date to charm you.

I had a hard time deciding which book I wanted.  The librarian tried to convince me to take two, but I was already picking up two books I had on reserve.  Lots of reading!

My blind date was Rise and Shine.  I just finished it, sprinting through the last 70 pages just so I could say it was done.  My date tended to babble:  two people meet and the main character spends two or three pages reminiscing of past events before they even say hello.  Get on with it!  Although a few characters are memorable, I found most of them shallow or uninteresting.  The book finally picked up 100 pages from the end, crammed in a few surprise events, and then just stopped.

I stuck past the required 100 minutes, but once I start a book I have to finish it.  I've abandoned only two books ever (and one I plan to go back to... it was slow reading and I couldn't finish before I maxed out the renewals).  Even though this book was a dud, I'd be willing to try a blind date with a book again.  But for now, I get to go back to my reserved books; I'm sure they'll be better company.

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  1. Since it's in the brown paper wrapping could it be 'Fifty Shades'?!?! Have a great time on your date. L


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