Sunday, February 22, 2015

Can I Eat This?

Boadicea dives into lettuce and carrots with abandon.  Most other fresh food puzzles her, especially fruit.  Green pepper took three or four days to determine it wasn't poisonous.  During that time she mostly tried to eat the pepper from Cannoli's mouth, rather than eat her own piece discarded on the floor.  At some point I figured Boadicea didn't have a sweet tooth (some guinea pigs don't) when she rejected cantaloupe rinds.  But that changed.  Cucumber and celery were met with the same suspicion.  Even cranberries had to be thoroughly inspected before she'd take a bite.

The latest food I'm trying to poison her with?  Strawberry tops.  Noli hauled off with her piece to eat in a quiet corner.  Boadi took a piece, sniffed it, then looked at me like I should be giving her something else.  Something edible.  Then she checked in with Noli to confirm Noli was actually eating this strange thing.  Of course, Noli wasn't pleased:  mine!  Not yours.  Go away, I'm eating!

Eventually Boadi picked a piece and nibbled on the leafy bits.  I don't think she was entirely convinced it was food.  I'm sure by the time I finish this container of strawberries Boadicea will decide they're actually pretty good.  Then she'll do the typical guinea pig thing:  Can I have more?


  1. Poor Noli - the things she endures to teach her little sister!

  2. So typical. The guinea pig learning process for new food: Foreign object! Is it edible? Is it poisonous? SUSPICION. Maybe I'll try a little. Hmm, tasty!


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