Saturday, February 28, 2015

Road Trip

Cannoli and Boadicea had more luggage than I did!
Every year we go on a family trip for a few days of cross country skiing.  The guinea pigs are usually dropped off at the pig sitter's before we go.  But this year we went to a different place.  It was a shorter drive and they allowed pets.  Road trip!  Cannoli and Boadicea came with us.

This was their first time in a carrier together for a lengthy drive.  They did really well.  Very different than Pinniped and Cannoli's first trip.  There was a few minutes of whining and shifting around.  Beyond that, they spent two hours quietly stuffed in the cozy together.  I brought the second carrier just in case, but it seems we didn't need it.

There's a nose
Boadicea might have been a scared of her new surroundings, but her need to explore took over.  She was soon tooling around their travel cage.  Poor Cannoli was terrified, hiding wherever she could.  I snuggled with her for a while hoping she'd calm down.  I thought the fleece and cozies would help her feel at home but there was too many strange sounds and smells.

By the next morning Cannoli decided she'd survive the experience.  She preferred to eat her food under cover, but allowed me to pick her up without too much fuss.  Boadicea acted like it was life as usual.

Have we arrived home?  Yay!

Cannoli may not have been happy with the trip, but at least she and Boadicea travel well together in the car.  That's good to know.  Both guinea pigs were happy when we returned home.  There's familiar sounds and smells!  And there's our usual cage!  Mom loves us!

Cannoli spent the first day home gaining back the weight she'd lost.  Boadicea, of course, hadn't lost any weight, and acted the same as she had while on vacation.  She travels better than I do!

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  1. Oh, Boadi. If only all pigs were as well-adjusted!


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