Friday, February 20, 2015

Cuddle Cup from Poland

I belong to the Guinea Lynx forums where I meet guinea pig lovers from all over the globe.  Kind of neat.  I posted that I had an extra calendar to give away, I would mail it anywhere in the US.  A woman in Poland convinced me to send it to her in trade for a custom-made guinea pig bed.  I was intrigued and agreed.

Between international shipping and snow delays, I wasn't sure when the guinea pig bed would arrive.  I was puzzled when the mail carrier came to my door and asked me to sign for a delivery.  Then I realized what must be in the package she was holding.  She laughed when I did a little happy dance before signing the paper.  It arrived!  Isn't it cute?  And so cushy - there's an extra removable layer on the bottom.  I wished I was small enough to try it out.

Cannoli and Boadicea were suspicious of the bed when I put it in their cage.  But two days later, there was quibbling over who got to sleep in it.  It became the place to sleep.  The third level cozy has lost it's appeal; the new bed is almost always occupied by one pig or the other.  They're going to be unhappy when I take it away to put in the wash.

The seamstress is a member of this Polish guinea pig site.  You can see some of her other work here (check out the crazy polar bear head!).  There's a section dedicated to sales; it has a wide variety of items from several people, but if you take the time to browse through the threads, there's some terrific guinea pig cozies, tunnels and beds.  It was rough reading through Google translator, but I could get the gist.  There's also a post on Guinea Lynx (in English) with other items; the proceeds of these help pay for veterinary care for rescued guinea pigs.


  1. Looks so comfy - too bad it doesn't come in people size!

  2. OMG I love it. My sewing abilities are miserable. Thankfully my pigs are just happy with lofty towels rolled in fleece as cushioning! But THIS COZY makes me wheek in the knees!

  3. Thank you, that is my work :). I'm glad your piggies liked it. Here are some more pics of the same bed, and others.

  4. We used to have one cuddle-e-cup in the cage for our two boys and there was a lot of rumbling going on. One is more than big enough for both of them to be in, but they don`t agree. Coincidentally, the rumbling stopped when we were able to get a second one. They lay in their little beds now and look at us like, "what?" We just won`t tell them that boys aren`t supposed to like pink (both beds are pink). Lol


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