Saturday, February 7, 2015

Care to Share?

When asked to share, a guinea pig's answer is almost always, emphatically, NO.

Boadicea has been with us just over a month.  Her favorite pastime is asking Cannoli to share:  the food, the cozies, the hammock.  I've been listening to Cannoli say "no" a lot.  My appearance by the side of the cage is enough for Boadi to pause and change her mind:  I wasn't causing trouble.  Honest.  I was just stopping to chat before going elsewhere.

How could you doubt that face?

I could.  That is the face of trouble.  That is a pig that makes inquires solely to get a rise out of Noli.  Just because she can.  The day is not complete without Noli screaming at Boadi.

Guinea pigs - who'd think so much noise and badness could come from something so cute and fuzzy?

1 comment :

  1. Right?!?! So cute and fuzzy yet always plotting... mischief can be found up their dewlaps!


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