Tuesday, February 17, 2015

So Much Snow

I find it ironic that my snowflake project has come to the top of my list during the snowiest winter we've had in a long time.  As the latest snowstorm whirled around us, I made a couple of more snowflakes.  Like we needed more.

This time I used patterns 3 and 4.  I was amused when they were finished how similar they are to the version I picked from pattern 7.  Can you tell I'm partial to the feathery looking snowflakes?  I'm trying to scrap together enough of this blue to make one more snowflake.

I have two other blue fabrics on hand.  I think the light blue might look pretty good and could work with the darker snow flakes.  The other blue could be interesting, too, since it looks like wind!  Not that I know what I'm doing with these snowflakes.  I'll keep making more.  Then I guess I'll throw them on the floor my design wall and see what happens.

Sunday's snow blew all over the place.  We had one drift by the front door that was almost chest height.  By the time I post this, we'll probably have another inch or two on top of it.  It's unusual to have this much snow for this long so close to the coast.  We've had one storm after another.  It keeps piling up.

The snow itself makes me happy - thinking back on childhood memories growing up in Minnesota.  But digging a path to the driveway through 2-3 foot drifts?  Not so much so.  Whatever we dig out just fills back in again.  The snow is piled up against the deck is impressive.  I could watch the squirrel under the feeder (it's normally a 3 foot drop from the deck to the ground).  I'll need snowshoes for my next trip to the compost pile!

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  1. Love the snowflakes, I downloaded them when the patterns were free, but have not gotten around to them yet. Where in MN did you grow up? We are in the SE part. Haven't had all that much snow this year(so far).

  2. That is a lot of snow! Your snow flakes are super nice and I like all of the blues. Could give your project some movement!


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