Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Snow Bunnies

My parents are buried from these snowstorms - they got a lot more snow than we have.  My dad showed me photos of the mess last weekend.  These two pictures were among my favorites.

The top photo, believe it or not, was taken from their dining room window (the curvy wood is the back of a chair).  There was a narrow valley between the snow pile and the house and this rabbit managed to hop into it.

The other photo was taken from the basement.  Who knows how this little guy managed to burrow to the window.  I'm guessing as cold as the basement was, it was warmer against the glass than outside.

Enterprising buns!  With this weather, one needs to get creative to stay warm.


  1. Sweet little bun-buns!

  2. Poor buns! I'd have to resist the urge to feed him. The pigs wouldn't mind sharing, right?


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