Thursday, February 19, 2015

Frumpy Bluebirds

I looked out the window yesterday when a flash of blue and orange caught my eye.  Except for the cardinals, most birds that frequent the backyard feeders are various shades of cream, brown and grey.  Bluebirds!

There were three bluebirds on the suet feeder.  Most birds won't share the suet - I've never seen that many birds piled on it at the same time.  There were at least five bluebirds in all, out on the feeders and the railing, along with a lone mockingbird.  They all looked a bit out of place in the snow.

The photos are crappy - I was afraid to get too close to the window and frighten them all away.  I couldn't get a good shot of all of them together.  Regardless, I had to share.

I saw my first bluebird in this area last fall, but he was solo and far from the house.  I didn't think the flocked like this.  These guys were all puffy; they looked liked someone had rolled them out of bed too early and they needed their first cup of coffee.  The blue and orange stood against the drab afternoon light.  Seeing the bluebirds, along with some twiterpated titmice give me hope that spring can't be that far off... even if the piles of snow says otherwise.

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  1. The photos are beautiful - I love Bluebirds! Thanks for sharing.


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