Monday, March 26, 2018

Another Quilt I Can't Show You

Squares, background, diamonds and binding
This will be the second wedding quilt, and I still haven't been able to show off the first one (soon, I promise!).  I will show my initial work until it starts to take shape.  Right now all I have is fabric, anyway. 

I'm doing a pattern called Homebase.  There's not a ton of photos out there of finished quilts; I like this version with two colored squares.

When I requested color ideas for this quilt I received a bunch, including black, greys, greens, creams and some blue.  I brought a handful of them to Ryco to help chose the rest of the fabric.  Whenever I fabric shop, my quilts have their own ideas about color and design.  It's amazing how many plans go out the window once I lay out the colors together.  This quilt told me I'm making all grey squares on an oyster background.  Definitely not the two-toned squares on a pale green or putty background I had planned.  The diamonds - which were to be based on greens, a rusty orange and possibly a blue - have exploded and now include a red, a bright orange and lots more warm green.  Brighter than my original ideas.

I brought the fabric home, then had my typical panic of:  I've bought all this - will it actually work together?  I seem to go through this angsty doubt at the beginning of every big quilt project.  More so when the quilt is for someone.  Do the colors go alright?  Will the recipient like it?  Ack! or hate it?  Do I know what I'm doing?   Then I look back at my prior quilts and tell myself to trust the process.  Just roll with it; you'll do fine.  I just need to start cutting fabric.

Imagine grey instead of blue/purple
I'm going to work the greys boxes from light to dark across the quilt.  I sat down with crayons and paper to get a rough idea of what to do.  This layout requires six different  fabrics.  Most of the greys I have are slightly bluish - so I may drop the top fabric and the one with the little white dots.  They're more yellow than the rest. I may try to reinsert a black-and-white print too, that both the recipient and I loved.  It's just I'm not sure if it has to much contrast to work with the rest of the quilt. 

I'm excited to see how this unfolds.  The colors make me happy each time I look at them, so I'm sure it will be good.

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  1. I like your fabric pull for "Homebase". It is a sweet pattern as well.


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