Thursday, March 8, 2018

I Like Thursday: Creature Comforts

I like electricity.  And heat.  And running water.  And internet.  The storm on Friday was more than I had anticipated.  I was surprised when the Friday night dance was canceled.  Then the electricity went out at 5pm.  We were very lucky to have lost power for a little less than a day.  I was unprepared.

I like that the tree that went SNAP in the middle of the afternoon was well away from the house.

I like that my neighbor on the other side of the duplex had a generator and kept the sump pump running... which it did all night.  Whew! There would have been a lot of water in our basement otherwise.

I like that I took the time to pack the chest freezer with everything from the freezer - and it all stayed frozen until the power came back on. Yay for no spoiled food!

I like that we had propane for the fireplace and the starter runs on batteries.  We snuggled on Friday night and did crossword puzzles by firelight.  It has a thermostat, too, so the house was habitable for us and Wedgwood.

Irish soda bread and roasted peppers (with skins on the side)
The power outage put a crimp on my Saturday, but by Sunday we were back to normal.  Well - I had to cram the weekend's worth of stuff into it.  Shopping, cleaning, baking, sewing.

I like Irish soda bread.  Too bad I only think to make it this time of year.

This week's baking included a quiche, granola, roasted cauliflower and roasted peppers.  I've been hooked on the peppers lately.  I get them cheap from the seconds bin at the grocery store, throw them in the oven, peel them when they're cool.  Yum!  I've been putting them on my salad, plus they were a great addition to the quiche.

I like that I've finished the quilting.  Woot!  It looks good.  I braved the crazy weather Friday evening to get more thread (before I discovered we had no power), then was stuck looking longingly at my sewing machine that night and a good part of Saturday wishing it was a treadle machine.  I've started to bind and am still brainstorming on a name.

I like that I never know what's going to appear in various rooms of the house.  Last week it was the colander.  This week it's been signs.  Imagine shutting the door to the bathroom and finding this.  Why?  Just because.  Caught me so off guard it made me laugh out loud.

So many little things to be thankful for.  How can I not like that?  There's more goodness to like over at Not Afraid of Color's I Like Thursday.


  1. Yes, many things to be thankful for. I cannot imagine FMQ-ing a quilt on a treadle machine, but I suppose that's what people did in the good ol' days.

  2. Hi Sally,
    I am glad to hear your no electricity stint was short-lived. I heard on the radio this morning that some out East still haven't had power restored from last week's outages, and more were added with the current storm. I enjoy your husband's sense of humor! He would make me laugh right out loud as well. Oh, that was a large tree that decided to snap in half! That it is a shame. Yum - I love roasted anything but especially peppers. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Your weather is scary! I like to see what you bake cause I hardly ever do anymore. I haven't had Irish soda bread in years. Love the signs idea! how fun. mary in Az

  4. Glad you were able to enjoy a cozy evening with a fire, and that things have settled down at least for a while. We got quite a bit of snow last night and it just started up again.
    For a while I made soda bread 2 or 3 times/week. Now I'm wondering why I stopped!
    (And oh my gosh - or gerd - that colander!!)

  5. bwaaa hahaha your husband!
    Good attitude on your part about loss of power. It freaks me out.

  6. Ah yes the little things that get taken so for granted. Love your Irish soda bread...made a note to self to make that. And I too roast most of my vegetables these easy and so good.

  7. You're having the weather people seem to think that Colorado has! Thanks for putting the idea of having Irish Soda bread into my mind. I'm going to an "Irish Taco" dinner on St. Pat's and soda bread would be a perfect thing to bring along.

  8. I loved the way you wrote this post - we do like and depend on those daily conveniences that we sort of forget about until things like big storms! Are you in the midst of it yet again today? I watched your video of your FMQ and you make it look so doable! Makes me want to practice again!

  9. It's the little things we miss. Have a great weekend.

  10. Great likes Sally! Glad you have warmth again! The storm did a number in our valley too. Stay well!

  11. wow! I'm so glad your power outage wasn't worse. Goodness. And I too love red peppers. I haven't roasted any in a long time, I mostly either eat them raw or in stir fries, but maybe I should roast some!

  12. A couple of things. I have a treadle machine, but haven't used it in awhile. Found it at a flea market for $20 in New Hampshire, off route 130 somewhere. It's an interesting day trip and not much is antiques though they usually have a selection of older "antique" type sewing machines. The other thing is have you tried Maureen's mother Irish Bread. It is delicious, though I don't know if it's refered to as Irish Soda Bread. Best Irish bread I've ever tasted. Love your blog, please keep writing it.

  13. Your positive attitude makes your life sound like such an adventure! I reread your post and smiled through both readings! Thank you so much for sharing!


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