Monday, March 5, 2018

So Much to Say

Two Wedgwood videos in two weeks!  Who would have expected that?

Wedgwood was in a strange mood last week.  Wednesday morning she kept begging and whining for food and attention.  I finally picked her up.  She chatted non-stop for about five minutes.

I put her on the floor.  She meandered back to the cage.  Ten minutes later she was back on the floor poking her nose all around and burbling away.  Then zoom!  back to the cage.  She must have yakked herself out - she was quiet most of the week. 

It was a chilly Friday and Saturday with no power (it came back Saturday afternoon).  I packed Wedgie's cage with extra cozies on Friday night.  Saturday morning she was up at the usual time, begging for breakfast.  A cold house wasn't going to slow her down!  I hope the rest of you East Coast piggies are warm and dry.


  1. How sweet Wedgwood is checking out her surroundings. I cannot imagine how cold it must have been with no electricity for two days in that freezing weather. Winter is not the time to have no heaters.

  2. On the occassions that I had solo piggies and they were being extra chatty I would find guinea pig videos on youtube and let them "chat" with the videos. Mostly they just listened. I always felt like they were missing someone who spoke their language. =)

  3. Love the video, I didn´t know what sort of sound a guinea pig made. Wedgwood definately fancied a chat... wonder what she said.


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