Saturday, March 31, 2018

Not So Bright

Wedgwood enjoys a little floor time. However, she gets rather adamant about returning to the cage.  On cage-cleaning day, she often finds the way blocked and this is fully unacceptable.  She's been getting more insistent and persistent on this point.  Thursday night was no exception:  she chewed on the bars and rattled the grids.  I don't mind the racket she creates - I just don't want her to break her teeth.

I rushed to get the cage fleeced so she could return.  As soon as I was done, I folded back one of the grids blocking the ramp.  Wedgie had thoroughly checked all the grids for a way in earlier.  She then ignored all the grids except for the one directly at the bottom of the ramp.  So she spent several minutes working hard at moving that grid, oblivious to the opening 6" to her right.  Typical guinea pig.  I tried to shoo her around the corner, but she thought I was trying to stop the chewing, and would duck, running the other direction.

I finally swung out that grid, too, until she realized the ramp was open.  Zoom!  up she went.  What took you so long, Mama?

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  1. There's nothing like cleaning a ramp or a bench to magnetically draw goats to a ramp or a bench. While I stand there, broom or rake in hand, saying, "Come on now. Get down, Campion/Dara/Betula/Vinca/etc." Because that ALWAYS works ;)


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