Thursday, March 1, 2018

I Like Thursday: Baking, Reading, Sewing

I had another bake-a-thon last weekend.  Some of it was my New Year's resolution:  trying out new recipes.  I bought some ricotta and the skillet lasagna only needed half of it.  So I made ricotta cheese cookies with the rest.  I liked them, although they were a little doughy.

I also tried a recipe for caramel brownies.  Years ago I'd make something called Death Bars (yes, I have a plethora of oddly named recipes).  They required cake mix and caramels, which I rarely have on hand.  I've been looking for a version from scratch.  This wasn't bad, although a little dense and the caramels need some work.  But they're delicious.  I will play with it and see if I can get close to the original bars.

To top it off (like I didn't make enough goodies - but trying out these recipes is my New Years resolution), I brought Hot Fudge Chocolate Pudding Cake to Game Day.  Overcooked it because I didn't realize they had a convection oven.  Oops.  But it was still delicious.  Everyone liked it.  So next time I bring it, I'll cook it for the right amount of time.

Sticking with the food theme:  I came home on Tuesday and found this spaghetti monster colander.  I laughed when I found it on the stove.  Love it!  I may have the urge to convert to Pastafarianism.

Okay - enough of food.

I finished this book about how pervasive metaphor is in daily life, called I is an Other.  It was fascinating.  Had a ton of information:  science and brain studies, language and history.  How metaphor and language persuades us, defines the new things we discover.

The quilt - I was petrified to start quilting.  I cleaned the machine, threaded it up, adjusted the tension, quilted a test piece.  Then I paced.  Eek!  Taking the plunge of freemotion quilting a big pattern.  I quilted for about an hour.

Bad news - I started out too large, my stitch length was too long.  I had a hard time moving the quilt.  After repeating the pattern a few times, I started to shrink it.  Easier to sew; my stitch length improved.  Reviewing it the next morning, I decided to rip half of it out.  <sigh>

However... (and why this is on my I Like post...) I am really happy with the overall look.  The smaller design will be easier to keep steady.  So I'm considering the ripped out section as a practice-run.  I'll still be nervous to sit down to continue, but I'll continue to improve.  Quilting was smooth, no puckers, the tension looked great.  I like.

Yay for Thursday.  Happy March.  And enjoy the other likes over at Not Afraid of Color's I Like Thursday.


  1. Congrats on courage to free motion quilt- it is too stressful for me. I think your quilting looks good. I also like that colander! mary in Az

  2. Hi Sally,
    Congrats on the FMQ! I am sure you didn't need to rip that portion out, as I doubt anyone would have noticed the size difference. But if it makes you feel better about it then it was worth it. It looks like it would be a pattern that would be easy to continue along with, even after a break. You can do it! Oh that colander! So cute - it would have made me laugh as well. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Love your guinea pig entries, btw. I still can't get over how amusing they can be.
    Also love reading anything about recipes and food. Meanwhile, FMQ is fun and hard; I think it takes practice to get it right which just may never quite happen for me. But I too am determined to be able to do at least the basics with it. What you have done here is are very skilled!

  4. Your baked goodies look yummy as always - and that colander is wonderful! Anything to make cooking more fun, right? Good for you on the FMQ - it looks great to me! Like some of your other commenters - it is something I'm not yet proficient or even comfortable with! :)

  5. yep, live and learn and practice. That colander is a must have.

  6. Congrats on your FMQ and all over pattern. I think you did great!

  7. Love the colander. I am glad I am not at your house - those cakes and bakes would be too tempting!
    Your FMQ looks great. I also find it hard to do it on a large piece. So you are being brave. Clap, Clap!

  8. Your food looks yummy. it. I think your quilting looks gorgeous. But I am right there with you. It is the getting started no matter what.

  9. I love your colander, so much fun. I bought a monster item recently for cooking in a deep pan for making soup mostly. Supposed to be a long handled deep spoon to stir soup at the bottom of the pan, so you can also test the taste of the soup. It is supposed to stand up in the soup because it has feet. I is a dinosaur (bowl) with feet and a very long neck (handle). It was a great idea, but the dinosaur bowl needed to be heavier as it floats which defeats the purpose of the elongated spoon standing on the bottom of the pot with the neck and head peering out of the soup. It has become a bracelet stacker and a ring holder. I also bought an octopus ice cube tray. The first time people see the ice cubes, they blink and take a second look at their glass. That was extremely startling and fun.


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