Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Are You Ready to Rumble?

I cleaned the guinea pig cage on Thursday.  Based on the floor show, one of the sows was in heat.  Highly entertaining.  They chased each other back and forth as Wedgwood whined the whole time.  Then Mabel would suddenly turn and either bite or hump Wedgwood.  There may have been a pang of guilt as I cheered:  Go Mabel!  You can do it!  Bite Wedgwood!  Bite her!

Am I a bad mama?

I didn't catch the best of it (because of the laughing and cheering), but here's a little of what was going on:

Wedgwood whined as Mabel burbled (I had to cut out the sound on the second half because the of the TV - too bad, Wedg was so noisy!).  This time when Mabel got peed on it was her own fault (but she shook it off without concern).  It was a noisy evening; Mabel continued her attitude when they returned to the cage, turning on Wedg every chance she got.

Suddenly, life in the cage has been much quieter this week.  It may have been from the added hammock, which Mabel loves.  I've caught Wedgwood in it a few times, simply because Mabel likes it.

Or maybe it's because Mabel hangs out all over the cage now.  The tunnel is still a favorite, but she doesn't live in it like she did at first.

Or maybe two weeks of acclimating and a clean cage makes Mabel feel safe enough to assert herself.  She's starting to learn the feeding schedule and begs loudly for lettuce.

No matter the reason, I hear whining from Wedgwood far more often than Mabel crying... so that means Wedgwood is being thwarted.  She doesn't bite or chase Mabel as much.  Unfortunately, Mabel is still damp from time to time, so Wedgie continues with the assaulting peeing.  Whatever works?

Go Mabel! (Bite Wedgie again.)

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  1. Mable fights back! Then they will come to some understanding. I'd bite someone who peed on me!


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