Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Rough Start

This Homebase quilt has been more of a struggle than I anticipated, even before a stitch was sewn.  Pattern picked, fabric purchased in March (March!) and I started cutting pieces weeks ago.  But as I took a closer look (and feel) to some of my stash, I realized it wasn't the quality of the rest of the fabric I purchased.  I swapped them out; that's when I started to falter.  I liked the replacement grey fabric, even cutting it all to length, and then wasn't happy how it looked together.  This is a first for me - cut a bunch of fabric I won't use in the quilt and then going out to purchase replacements.  Usually I make corrections before I cut.

But look!  There's progress!  Partial blocks, at least.  And if the guinea pig drama stays to a minimum, I may have a chunk of time to devote to sewing.  I've lost a few blocks to an unfortunate over-oiling of my machine.  I didn't discover the pool of oil under the presser foot until after I slid the fabric underneath.  Which happened two days in a row.  Really?  Ugh.

(Reminder to self: don't be so zealous with the oil!)

One fun thing - I finally found a place to stick my stringblade.  I purchased it, then didn't want to stick it on my sewing machine, nor on the sewing cabinet.  Anywhere on the ironing board was too soft or at a bad angle.  Then realized the edge of the clamp lamp would do nicely.

This thing is great!  Cutting apart my string of chain-pieced blocks was so quick and easy.  I wasn't afraid of clipping the fabric instead of thread.  We'll see how long it lasts, but it left a favorable first impression.  

I cut the last of my grey fabric last night.  Maybe I'll have it sewn together by the weekend.  Then off to the design floor to add some color!

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  1. Oooh too bad about that oil--but glad you were able to replace the fabrics...
    I've never seen a stringblade before--looks like a great idea..hugs, Julierose

  2. I too have never heard of a stringblade before; looks like a great little gadget. How annoying that one fabric didn't dance with the others....quilting is like that sometimes. What you have done thus far is looking great.


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