Thursday, May 10, 2018

I Like Thursday: Chocolate, Mint Green, and Grey

What a week.  Last week was quiet.  This week was not.

Friday's contra dance featured a silent auction for baked goods.  I tried a new recipe:  Chocolate Salted Caramel Tart.  It's intended for a deep tart pan, which I do not have, so I ended up with extra crust and ganache.  I made myself a mini version, although it was missing the caramel layer.  I salted the caramel layer instead of adding it to the top because I thought it would dissolve and look ugly (which was the case with my mini tart).  I liked the recipe.  Needs a bit of tweaking, to fit my tart pan if nothing else.  I suspect that instead of salting the caramel, I could add some pretzels to the caramel layer, which would add some nice texture to the whole thing.  Maybe next time.  I missed what price it fetched, but the winner stopped by to tell me he won it.

They appeared mint green in person.  Really!
I like the mint green trees in the neighbor's yard.  At least, that's the color they appeared to me as I walked by on Saturday.  The right combination of white flowers and green leaves - it made me think of tinted frosting.

I like that I'm finally getting some work done on the Homebase quilt.  It hasn't wanted to speak to me, so I've been floundering.  I bought five grey/black fabrics over the weekend (which, admittedly, two were solely for me) that should give me the push to get this quilt underway.

I finally found a place to stick my stringblade I bought months ago.  I love this little gadget - quickly cuts apart chain-pieced fabric, without the worry I'll take a chunk out of the block as well (which I've done once or twice).

How do you like the mailman mailbox I saw on Tuesday's walk?  Little dude and everything.  Such wonderful details.  What fun!

I like that there's a new guinea pig in the house.  Not so fond of the resident guinea pig and her serious attitude problem.  Stress!  Drama!  But after an initial weight loss, they're both gaining weight, which is a good sign.  Now if I could just get the screaming and chasing to stop and I'd be really happy.

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  1. Hi Sally,
    Ooh, adding pretzels to the caramel would make it really delicious, don't you think?! Salt, caramel, chocolate - makes my mouth water. It's way too early to be thinking about that dessert all day! That mailbox is adorable, and I'm going to hop over to read about your new family member right this minute! Happy Mother's Day! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Pretzels sound like just the perfect addition to the recipe. Fun mailbox!

  3. What's cuter than one guinea pig...sounds to me like two is even more fun.
    Oh, I love salted caramel anything so I'm thinking this would be the dessert to win me over.
    Adorable mailbox.

  4. kids! Screaming and chasing... love the mailbox and the tart sounds yum. I know pretty is good, but tasty beats pretty in my book. Caramel anything for me! Gotta go see the new pig now...

  5. That dessert looks yummy! I had fun reading your previous posts about the new pig and the new quilt. Hope things improve on both fronts!

  6. Oh that tart looks divine! I love the greens of spring and that mailbox is too cute!

  7. Love that mail truck :) I always get a kick out of creative mailboxes - the ones that resemble the actual house, or with animals painted on or such. I wonder if you could paint guinea pigs on a mailbox?
    I hope the piggies settle down soon!

  8. Love that mailbox! Your tart looks delish!

  9. So what's the name of the new piggy?

  10. The tart sounds wonderful and the mailbox is too cute. Some people are so clever. Ha, the kids chasing each other and making so much noise. What fun.


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