Saturday, May 12, 2018

On the Design Floor

Homebase is on the floor.  This is exciting, because once I make a few more decisions I can focus on assembling the top (which should go pretty quickly).

When I went to buy fabric, the plan was to do two different color squares.  But as I started gathering fabric I nixed that idea - couldn't decide on a pair of colors that worked.  I love quilts that shade from dark to light across the quilt but have never tried one myself.  So here we go:

I knew there would be shuffling around once this first bit was laid out on my floor.  Given that, there's still been a few surprises.  Grey fabric that I loved and had no question it was going into the quilt?  It's blue.  That's coming out.  At least the new fabric I bought last week (that I was keeping for myself) will be a good replacement.  And a polka-dotted grey fabric I had cut but didn't stitch up because I disliked it?  Looks pretty good on the design floor.  Guess I'll be sewing some blocks with that!

There's two pair of fabrics that are causing some consternation on where to place them.  I love them; they're staying.  There's a black with white leaves and a dark granite.  Up close, the black looks darker than the granite (because, duh, it's black).  However... in the photos the granite is darker.  Makes sense - there's less white in the granite.  But up close my mind is telling me the black is darker.  Same problem with a dark grey with circles and a slightly paler grey with black swirls.  The print is changing the overall quality.  I'm inclined to trust the camera and not my eyes, and switch black-granite-circles-swirls to granite-black-swirls-circles.  I don't have to make that decision now - there's lots more to work on.

It's interesting how much things can change as I move pieces around.  Overall, I'm happy how the plan in my head actually looks on the floor.  Once I stitch up the six replacement blocks I can start adding the colors.  Will they be random?  Or move in shades across the quilt like the grey?  We'll see!

I'm collecting a stack of blocks that were rejected due to color or placement.  At the rate I'm going, I may have enough leftover pieces to make a baby quilt.  Surprise side project - and I wonder why it takes forever to get to my planned quilts.

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  1. Wow, that is very cool!! I really like the color movement... ! xx

  2. Oh my, so much playing with many decisions. It's looking fabulous though.

  3. That is looking really neat! I like the movement from the darker fabric to light. I bet that makes the layout tricky, though!


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