Sunday, May 6, 2018


The last bit of hay in the 20 pound box is crumbly and doesn't stay in the hay rack.  I hate to just throw it out.  Instead I stuff the short strands into a brown bag and toss it into the guinea pig cage.  Most of my sows have loved this, eating hay and destroying the bag in a number of hours.  I think Wedgwood is equally enamored with a paper bag filled with hay, but she takes a less destructive approach.  Everyone else focuses on chewing a hole in the corners, or carefully snipping down the sides or peeing until the bag simply disintegrates.

Most hay bags barely last 24 hours.  Wedgwood managed to keep this paper bag intact a lot longer.  It was not from lack of use; she's parked herself in there ever day.  Sure, there are taste tests around the edges.  Certainly there's plenty of poo mixed with the hay.  But she's been careful not to pee in it, so the bag has not disintegrated.  The swirled hay at the far end looks like a nest.  Ah - a  happily nesting guinea pig.  Evidently a hay bag trumps both cozies and a tunnel as the preferred place to sleep during the day.

Long new hay has replaced the old crumbly bits before the bag wore out.  Impressive.


  1. I wonder what Wedgwood would think of an entire bale of hay...would she chew a cave into it, do you think?

  2. That is one adorable photo of your little pet!
    Glad you got drapes done quickly and that you discovered a new game to enjoy. I love games too.
    Gardening to do happy to say that!


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